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Gingerbread Update


Gingerbread Update

FYI- to all you non-techies...hopefully you check here first!  Make sure all of your contacts are saved as Google contacts before you update.  If you have any issues with the update (as I did) then you will have to do a factory reset (which others have helpfully posted here in the forum) but you will lose any contacts saved to your phone, not to Google.  The only way to get them back is to hope you've called them in the last 3 months (and can remember when you called them or what their number is) so you can look at your bills.  I'm going tomorrow to the store to see if they can recover my contacts, but I'm not very hopeful about it.  If they can, I'll repost here.


Gingerbread Update

Is there any quick way to save them as a Google contact w/o having to retype everything into Google?  I only have the option of saving to phone or Google when I'm entering a new contact; I don't see any options for existing contacts.


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