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Gingerbread Wiped All My Text Messages!


Gingerbread Wiped All My Text Messages!

A warming to the rest of you - I was cleaning up old texts after the Gingerbread updated this morning and it magically deleted EVERY MESSAGE I HAD FROM EVERY PERSON!!!!!

I called customer care and after I got to the 4th person I was told that the only way I could get my messages back was via a supoena or court order!  Also, from the way the supervisor talked, I am not the only person who has called in with this problem.  They suggested I come into the store and have the device flashed (their apparent solution to every problem) to make sure the install went correctly.  Of course, that will not recover my messages for me.

This isn't the worst thing that has ever happened to me, but there were a lot of cute text from my kids and pictures people had sent me that I cannot retrieve.  Everyone be careful when managing your text messages so you don't get messed up like I did!


Gingerbread Wiped All My Text Messages!

Sorry to hear about the loss - Messages and memos are not media and therefore are not stored on the SD Card - I suggest Evernote for memos and SMS BACKUP and RESTORE for text messages if these are important - this is with any Android update!


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