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Gingerbread destroys Wi-Fi speed


Gingerbread destroys Wi-Fi speed

So here's another complaint about the the now infamous Gingerbread update on the Epic 4g.  After doing a factory reset to restore some battery life, I now find that my wi-fi is slower than roaming would be.  It is essentially no network at all.  This was never the case with Froyo although there were some wi-fi connect issues,

My home network is a Gigabit router and my ISP supplies 15/3 speeds.  However the phone barely makes a half a 500k when connected to this network.  Very different results than I used to get when the phone was connected to the very same home network.

This Gingerbread deal, which I was pretty excited about, is really turning into a huge headache.


Gingerbread destroys Wi-Fi speed

Something else is going on with your phone or your wireless network, I get 14/5 on my phone with a 15/5 connection and Gingerbread.

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