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Google Framework error on Epic 4G. HELPPPPP !!!


Google Framework error on Epic 4G. HELPPPPP !!!

Ever since I got the OTA update for Froyo, I've had issues.  I finally got my Epic replaced about 2-3 weeks ago, and still having issues.  Now, I seem to get this error at LEAST 8-10 times per day.  It says something about Google Framework has stopped unexpectedly.  Please try again. 

I hit the force close, and continue, and whatever I'm working in doesn't close or isn't affected.  So, I know it's not the APP.  I've gotten this in Tower Raiders, Contacts, Messaging, Google Nav mode, and several other areas of my phone.  I HATE THIS !!! 

Everytime I take it in, they "fix" it with a hard reset.  Of course that works while in the store.  But, after a day or 2, I get the error message again.

Can anybody help?  I'm SO sick of this phone.  I think I have a case to upgrade, but to what?  The new Galaxy S2 could gave the same issues, and the Evo 3D seems gimmicky to me. 

Come on, Sprint.  Make your phones work first.  Then, bring them to market.



The first thing to determine is what exactly is crashing.  I found a very useful thread that has helped a lot of people with your exact type of force close -

Basically you go to accounts & sync and tap on your gmail account and unselect all... then check them one by one to determine what exactly is causing the crash.  Once you determine what is causing it, then go on a computer to and export that data to a file, then delete the data on the web...then import it back from the backup file you created. 

The link I posted goes over the steps one by one and if you have any trouble please reply.  I really hope this helps.  I know this can get frusterating but hopefully this will help you fix it.

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