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[Guide] Newbie to Epic 4G Cyanogen - Common problems solved


[Guide] Newbie to Epic 4G Cyanogen - Common problems solved


I am writing this to help other newbies who may want to switch to Cyanogen for the first time on their Epic 4G. There were a few things I needed to do after to get everything working the way I liked and I figure this will save some people time.

What do I need to do prior?

                There are many how-to's which will help but I had my Epic stock rom rooted so it was as simple as flashing cyanogen through recovery. Here is the link for a "how-to" root the stock rom if you wish to do it this way. It was the easiest way for me though the official guide says "Rooting the stock firmware is neither recommended nor necessary."


Where do I get Cyanogen?:

                You can download it here. I am running the 10.0.0 stable build.


I have no google apps:

                This is a problem with any Cyanogen installation. Easy fix, download & install the gaaps package from the link below and your marketplace will be back.


I don’t have Navigation:

                Easy fix again, download the google maps app. Here is the app store link.


I don’t have voicemail:

                While you can use any voicemail app I wanted the one I had on the stock rom. I linked the app below and your voicemail will be back as soon as you install it. You need to open the app after so that it will activate.


I am getting texts from 9016 every time I get a voicemail:

                From reading it seems the stock rom blocks us from seeing these but they are in fact needed for voicemail to work. To fix this I used a free app called “RedList”. Simply add 9016 to the RedList within the app, change the settings to disable both notifications, and this will problem will be solved. Here is the app store link.


Text messages no longer have separate colors for me and my recipient:

                The stock android text display is white and I hated this after getting used to Samsung’s nice colors but luckily you can solve this in two ways.

(One) A theme manager is built into the interface section of your settings page. After searching through almost every free CM10 theme I found this one I liked. It does NOT touch too many things only adding a brushed metal look and displaying text messages how I wanted them. There are a few colors to choose from but I went with Blue.

                (Two) Replace only the MMS app with one that is color coded. Please note that unlike the above, to reverse this down the road you will need to find a stock mms app package with an installer. This is good for people who are sure they want this and only wish to change the colors of the messenger, while the above is good for people who like to switch themes often being able to revert back at any second. Link for the colored mms app.


Facebook pictures no longer sync with my existing contacts:

                This is a small problem, but still one that I got used to having with the stock rom and wanted to correct. From reading this seems to be a problem related to later Android versions, not just Cyanogen. The fix for this is easy as well, search out a free app called “UberSync for Facebook”. I had the regular facebook app installed & logged in prior and UberSync logged right in, got the pictures, and updated my contacts.


I no longer have Swype:

                Despite having the nice physical keyboard (the whole reason I got the Epic) I still got used to using Swype here or there. I don't think I will be allowed to link this file here but you can find it on "certain" sites.


Despite reports that Bluetooth can be problematic, I use it daily with an earpiece and have yet to experience any issues. GPS & 4G also work great. If any links are broken send me a PM! I check my email daily.

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