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Gyroscope on Epic 4G


Gyroscope on Epic 4G

I have been waiting for the Gingerbread update, which is supposed to implement Gyroscope functionality.  Now that it is installed, I still cannot find the gyroscope.  I've tried this with my own applications, as well as some off-the-shelf  (e.g. AndroSensor).  The gyroscope is NOT functional.  Does anyone know why not?  This is really annoying - the gyroscope was one of the reasons I picked this phone over some others.


Gyroscope on Epic 4G

Hi ikcinna, thanks for the post and welcome to the Community! Maybe check out this post to XDA Dev forums where they talk about the gyroscope and the accelerometer. I bet one of the devs on there have some good information that they can share with you. I am sorry for any inconvenience this may have caused you - and I do thank you for being a valued Sprint customer.

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