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Have Samsung and Sprint Given Up On The Epic 4g?


Have Samsung and Sprint Given Up On The Epic 4g?

OK, we all know Samsung's track record with releasing phones with bugs and providing maybe one or two updates but then dropping any updates to these phones after the initial updates.

It's starting to look like the story is being repeated with the Epic 4g, I'm sad to say. Also, if you notice, Sprint still has a blitz of ads around the Evo 4g and the smaller version of the Evo that includes a physical keyboard (thus eliminating the reason that many people bought the Epic 4g over the Evo). The Evo and it's little brother are all over the airwaves, on cable, and satellite networks.

When was the last time that anyone has seen or heard anything from advertizing about the Epic 4g? I can tell you that for me it's been at least 3 months. It's like the Epic 4g has ceased to exist on Sprint's "new lineup" in their advertising. This sends me a very big signal. Corporations spend money on advertizing for products that they feel will make them the most profit and that will capture the public's attention. Since Sprint isn't spending any money on marketing for the Epic 4g, they are communicating to we who have bought the Epic 4g, that they have moved on to the Evo's little brother leaving the Epic in the dust of cell phone history.

This is Samsung's track record but Sprint is complicit. So, Sprint and Samsung share the responsibility for fixing bugs and providing updates to improve the phone's functionality. Also they share the responsibility of supporting the phone for at least a year or two for customers who are locked into contracts who have spent a lot of money on this phone.

We still have issues with GPS, force closes on some basic apps that run the operating system, and terrible battery life. These have not been fixed by any of the two updates that have happened under the Eclair operating system. Sprint and Samsung have been promising 2.2 (Froyo) forever, since they released the phone, with many missed deadlines and many broken promises. Based on this experience, I have no hope of ever seeing 2.3 (Gingerbread) on my Epic 4g.

I'm beginning to wonder whether or not Samsung and Sprint have decided to pull any investment in time, resources, and money from the Epic 4g in favor of maintaining the Evo's (and it's little brother's) momentum, where they are most likely making more profit due to volume of sales.

As a Sprint Customer who has spent $249.00 + $10.00 per month for the "premium data experience" (whatever that is) and taxes and fees and is locked into a 2 year contract on the Epic 4g, I'm very dissatisfied and feel burned by Sprint and Samsung. I feel like my investment has been ingored and thrown into the dust bin of no hope for future support and updates after only 4-5 months post release use.

I'm kicking myself in my backside for not having waited until Sprint and HTC released the Evo's little brother so I could get this phone with the physical keyboard since it seems that all support, resources, money, and focus has gone into the Evo line of Sprint Android Phones. I'm angry at Sprint and Samsung for leading me astray with heavy pre-marketing and assurances that "this phone will be different and the support will be different" from Samsung's history of neglect for their devices. I feel like I've been left in a digital backwater that I won't be able to escape until I qualify for an upgrade, being forced to spend even more money to catch the wave of whatever comes out next so that I don't continue to be ignored by Sprint and Samsung.

I'm regretting my purchase of my Epic 4g and not going with the Evo or it's little brother. I wish I would have paid attention to Samsung's history of neglect of their products and Sprint's complicity in that neglect.

So Epic 4g owners, do you have any buyers remorse? Do you see the writing on the wall that the Epic 4g is now joining the digital backwater of outdated and unsupported devices too? I can't believe I'm the only one who has taken notice.

If this doesn't change, which I expect it won't change, I'll never go with a Samsung product again and I will re-evaluate my 10+ years of loyalty to Sprint before plunging into my next phone purchase. Fool me once shame on you! Fool me twice shame on me. This fool is learning his lesson.

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Re: Have Samsung and Sprint Given Up On The Epic 4g?

Appreciate your frustration. But to answer your question, no, Sprint and Samsung have not given up on the update. It's still in progress and on our radar.

Thanks for the post!

Product Ambassador, long time Sprint employee

Re: Have Samsung and Sprint Given Up On The Epic 4g?

This is not just about the major and blatant delays of the Froyo update. Did you read my entire post? This isn't just another "Froyo's not here!" complaint thread. I'm questioning Sprint and Samsung's commitment to the device beyond just delivering Froyo.

In all areas, Sprint and Samsung have been almost completely negligent when it comes to addressing bugs and issues with the Epic. This is about how attention has all but disappeared out there on the street for the Epic 4g and the fact that most of the bugs that we users have identified from the beginning still haven't been fixed or addressed in a satisfactory manner.

Have Sprint or Samsung done anything about the list of bugs posted on another thread including the terribly short battery life? We are still stuck with toggling on and off "airplane mode" to force the antenna to reset so that the Epic doesn't waste juice on searching for towers relentlessly draining the battery even faster every time we turn on our phones. That is not a fix. It wasn't even suggested by Sprint or Samsung. This bandaid came from users on Android forums.

GPS? Nope, no answers there. No hope for even having these issues addressed. We've been summarily ignored on this issue since the very beginning with complete denials about the issue from Sprint Customer Service since the beginning claiming that they were "unaware" of any issues with GPS for Epic.

Also, has Sprint done anything to really improve 4g speeds in the paltry few markets that 4g is available? In Oakland, CA I test regularly and 3g speeds still blow away 4g speeds, especially upload speeds which seem to be capped yet again on 4g. I'm paying $10 per month for a "premium data experience." The lame 4g speeds around here aren't premium or even close to being satisfactory. Also it took forever and a day for Sprint to get 4g up and running in the Bay Area market and Sprint is still dragging its feet on making 4g coverage cover even close to the area that 3g covers. I don't consider that worth $10 per month since I have no "premium data experience." 4g is inferior here in direct comparison to 3g in almost every test I and other customers do here in our area. Also 4g cuts on and off all the time around here. You can't rely on it even if you remain in one place.

And you can't tell me that Sprint and Samsung are focusing much energy on rectifying any of these issues or making plans to support the Epic for the long haul when marketing has left the Epic out of any advertizing. Cell Phone Corporations only put money into improving or maintaining products that they are currently marketing. You can't tell me that there hasn't been an almost complete silence about the Epic for months in advertizing for Sprint. That communicates that Sprint is spending less time, money, and attention on the Epic. Point, blank, period...

Let's hear from some customers instead of just hearing from Sprint employees who are paid to make Sprint look good. Thanks.

No real offense intended to you personally wengla02. You are just doing your job.

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Re: Have Samsung and Sprint Given Up On The Epic 4g?

Amen. Feel the same way. All I can do is vote with my feet. FWIW, I'm waiting on the iPhone 5 and then moving to Verizon. If anyone from Sprint is lurking here, I've been a customer since 1997 and currently have 5 lines on my plan at around $200/mo. And just to add another data point, I could have had company paid Verizon service but stayed loyal to Sprint and pay out of my own pocket. It's been nice knowing you.


Re: Have Samsung and Sprint Given Up On The Epic 4g?

June 2010:

Wait is it February 2011???

If I knew the foolishness around all these upgrades, I would have gotten a Nexus...  Knowing there are software improvements just sitting there waiting for my hardware provider is just ridiculous. 

I've been with Sprint since Nov 1996.  I'm really surprised that I'm in a situation where I've got a phone that is really only half a phone.  It's like a Newton.  Genius but mostly useless when you need it.   When will you fix the relationships you're ruining Sprint?


Re: Have Samsung and Sprint Given Up On The Epic 4g?

At this point, getting Froyo will be a letdown knowing that people will be getting Gingerbread...


Re: Have Samsung and Sprint Given Up On The Epic 4g?

I have owned the Epic 4g for a few months now also and notice that I loose service all the time and I havent even moved, it takes several minutes sometimes for it to come back, whats the deal with that? I never get 4g for very long no matter where I am at, and it seems slower than 3g mode except it still drains the weak battery faster, that is the only thing that seems fast about this phone is how fast the battery can die. It sure looks like a nice phone, but doesnt deliver on my expectations, I had a blackberry 8330 curve before this phone and it seemed faster on email sending and on the web than did this phone I have now, I would like a free upgrade the the HTC with the slide out keyboard. I feel if they knew that phone was comming out when I bought the Epic, they should have pulled this phone from the market since its not what anyone expected it to be.  I have been with Sprint for a long time and I feel they pulled a fast one on us Epic buyers. They should make it right and allow us a free exchange to the HTC with the slide out key board. I am seriousy thinking of going to the I phone, of course sprint doesnt carry it, so I will have to argue to get out of my new contract I got into with this not so Epic 4g phone... I am not happy...


Re: Have Samsung and Sprint Given Up On The Epic 4g?

Yes, I have the same problem with 4g here in Oakland, CA. When I have it, it cuts in and out often and randomly no matter if I'm completely still or on the move. Most of the time I try to use 4g at home where I'm not on the move. My signal is allegedly "good" but it cuts on and off. My guess is that there is either something wrong with the 4g network or it's yet another bug on this sucky phone that doesn't seem to be getting any updates or fixes to known user issues at all.

My 3g speeds are faster than my 4g speeds here no matter where I am. And 4g upload speed seems to be stuck at 256kbps. With 3g I get anywhere from 800-1000kbps.

This is not a "premium data experience." It's a rip off. I want my $10 per month back. But most likely Sprint will keep arguing with stupid "cafeteria" metaphors that do not explain the charge and simply makes more of us users angry because we aren't being heard and we are getting inferior service on 4g on the Epic.

It seems that Sprint employees around here are too busy telling us "well I haven't seen that issue before on my device or in my store" and "anyone can say anything on the Internet" rather than listening to we users who are speaking up not just here but in Android Forums and SDX Developers about all of our issues with the Epic. Oh, and we also call Sprint and Samsung customer service and it never seems to help because we all told the same lines of b.s., just pick either one... "it's not a 'known' issue" or "no one has called about that issue"... when we know that thousands of us are talking about these issues all the time and telling each other that we have called. Not everyone on the Internet Forums everywhere is a liar. Sometimes when many people talk about the same issues on the Internet everywhere that simply means that we are all having the same issues that aren't being addressed. It would be nice, for once, to have any Sprint employee validate our experiences rather than discount these experiences with the usual recriminations and denials. Even one Sprint employee who would actually acknowledge that we the customers aren't crazy, lying, or stupid (because we have added all sorts of apps that drain battery life, as if!!!) and actually take our complaints seriously.

My battery life sucks. I haven't downloaded any app killers or battery managers, etc. If I toggle the "airplane mode" off for 15 seconds and toggle it back on every time I turn on my phone, my "time without signal" goes from 50% to 1% or 0% and my battery lasts only slightly longer. If I don't do that the darn phone is constantly searching for GSM signals that don't exist in North America where we are CDMA. The Epic is designed to look for GSM signals because this is a phone sold internationally as the Galaxy S on various other carriers and networks. It would be nice if Samsung would have permanently disabled the function that searches for GSM signals on our Epics since the Epics are only used in North America on Sprint which is a CDMA only network. But instead we haven't received any update or acknowledgement that this is actually what is happening since many users are complaining about the same issue but Sprint and Samsung customer service must think we are all liars, crazy, or stupid because they insist that this isn't happening, even as we have this experience.

The DRM issue is another issue that no one over at Sprint or Samsung wants to address at all or even acknowledge that it exists even though it's talked about all over techie forums when discussing the Epic 4g. It's yet another battery drainer because it doesn't allow the phone to sleep. The only way to stop DRM from draining your battery is to root your phone (thus invalidating your warranty) and deleting that particular program from your phone. This program that keeps your phone awake is necessary for Samsung's waste of money app called the "Media Hub." People who have rooted their phones and have eliminated the "Media Hub" report that they don't have issues with the phone not being able to sleep and hence have a much longer battery life than we who choose not to invalidate our warranties. But does Samsung or Sprint offer any solution or even acknowledge that there is a problem in the first place? No. Instead they discount anyone who calls in or reports it to them via the Internet on Forums like this.

No Sprint, you have angered this 10+ year Sprint customer to the point where he will jump ship when he can (when he won't get slapped with a giant "Early termination fee"). Until then I plan on riding on customer service and using these Forums to yell as loudly as I can so that someone at Sprint or Samsung may one day acknowlege or even (one can only pray) actually FIX these issues with updates. And I'm not talking about Froyo or even Gingerbread!!! I'm talking about fixing a broken phone!

And no, mine isn't defective. I've had it looked at by Sprint techs and they have assured me that my phone isn't defective. And neither are the phones of all of the countless of other Epic 4g users who complain about all of these issues here and everywhere else we have a Forum to discuss these issues.

Prove me wrong Sprint, please. I'd like to have a phone that has battery life that will get me through an entire day at some point. That's all I ask.. 12-15 hours. I don't think that's too much to ask for. Oh, and I'd like 4g that works as it should. It shouldn't ever cut out and the speeds are supposed to blow 3g speeds away. Anything less is a rip off.


Re: Give Us Batteries or Give Us Gingerbread! Or both!

Yes, battery life totally sucks!!!


SOLUTION 1)  Give us TWO EXTRA BATTERIES with each phone and a DOCK CHARGER so we can quickly swap out batteries.

I'll even take ONE EXTRA BATTERY!

This alone would show Sprint's commitment to helping customers use their phones.

I have to charge my phone every time I sit down, and still before the day is over, I'm swapping batteries!

Why?  Because I'm USING MY PHONE!!!  Shocker!

Sprint is not providing a service when they've got a dead piece of electronics to offer.  I shouldn't be paying for the time my phone is dead.

SOLUTION 2)  Now, if we just had FROYO or GINGERBREAD, apparently battery life would be better.

SOLUTION 3) Here's another idea, prorate our contract.  Whenever our phone is dead, subtract that from our bills!!!  How about that?

Thanks for reading.

Now, Sprint.  DO SOMETHING!!!!


Re: Have Samsung and Sprint Given Up On The Epic 4g?

sprint will not do ANYTHING.  My samsung epic 4g started overheating and not allowing the already weak battery to charge because it was too hot.  the overheating melted and warped my keyboard.  once the keyboard was nice and warped, it got stuck in the slider when i went to open my phone and the keyboard shredded into tons of pieces.  i have complained several times to get a replacement phone, NOT a samsung epic 4g replacement, but a phone that is still $200 cheaper(HTC EVO) and they(sprint) refuse to work with me and basically said that instead they can just cancel my contract and lose me as a customer.  GOOD LUCK!  I cannot believe this


Re: Have Samsung and Sprint Given Up On The Epic 4g?

p.s. i have been paying to have the 4g data on my plan, but Phoenix, AZ...THE 6TH LARGEST CITY IN THE U.S...has no 4g service at this time. At least most of you have had the experience of testing the 4g service you pay for...i pay for it and still have yet to see what this 4g is all stuck on the 3g


Re: Have Samsung and Sprint Given Up On The Epic 4g?

jaredson3776 wrote:

p.s. i have been paying to have the 4g data on my plan, but Phoenix, AZ...THE 6TH LARGEST CITY IN THE U.S...has no 4g service at this time. At least most of you have had the experience of testing the 4g service you pay for...i pay for it and still have yet to see what this 4g is all stuck on the 3g

Once again, the Premium Data add-on is not for 4G connectivity. There are at least two dozen other threads discussing this here in the Community.

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