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Help - need to restore deleted app/widget


Help - need to restore deleted app/widget

I just got the Samsung Epic 4G last week and am still getting used to it. I am having a lot of the problems listed on here, like being told I don't have data service when I try to connect to the internet or an app, but I will post other questions for those. I was trying to customize my home screen today and used the instructions in the manual. When I received the phone, it already had an ESPN application (or widget?) on one of the homescreens. I decided I did not want it on the home screen, so I followed the instructions and clicked on it and drug it to the trash bin. The instructions say this doesn't delete it, but it obviously did. I cannot find it anywhere on this phone, even when I click on "applications;" the others I drug to the trash bin are showing up there. And I cannot find any instructions on how to restore the deleted app or access the trash bin. What can I do? I've already tried what the manual says, but it isn't working. It isn't showing up on the "my apps" list and it appears to be different from the ESPN mobile live that is available through Sprint TV and Movies. Please give some guidance on how to get it back. (Also, how can you tell is something is an app versus a widget?) Thanks! Alli


Re: Help - need to restore deleted app/widget

To bring the apps back onto your screens, first go to the page where you want to put the icon. Next, click on the Apps to open the list. Hold your finger on it for a few seconds and drop it on the screen. You can rearrange the icons on the screen anyway you want.

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