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Help please. Epic issues.


Help please. Epic issues.

We have been part of Sprint for about a month.

The first couple weeks, downloading was fast, no matter where I was in my city. I could watch free steaming episodes on sprint tv and more with no problem whatsoever.

Now, all of a sudden, it will play about ten seconds of the video, and then it loads. And loads. And loads. And loads. Meaning, it doesn't stop loading. Its worse when I'm at work (we're in slow time due to the heat where I live, so there are vast times when I have nothing to do. Managers don't mind so long as I drop it if I need to help someone), but its not great at home either. Its been two weeks and we are paying for an unlimited data plan.

I thought maybe some of the storms we've had in the last couple weeks were giving atmospheric disturbances so it wasn't working. But today is beautiful out with no wind and perfectly clear sky and its still doing it.

I've tried everything I can think of. Resetting. Clearing all the cache's on the phone. Power cycle over and over again. Turn off all tasks via task manager. Make sure what anything I don't want on isn't on.

Nothing is working.

Incidentally, I think this started about the time when I decided to do an android update to my phone. I hit settings, then system updates, and clicked on them each individually. And I've had problems ever since. Yes, my OS is now upgraded to 2.2, but it started out on 2.1. With 2.1, it was great. 2.2 is causing me aggravation.

HELP PLEASE! This is aggravating.



Thanks for the post and sorry to hear about the issues. What is your zipcode? Chances are if this is issue is affecting not only you but others, it's more than likely an outage. Is the only application you experience issues with, Sprint TV? I don't see any known issues with video streaming for Android 2.2 with the Samsung Epic 4G.

Let me know, the more info the better. It could be a 3rd party content issue as well.


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