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Horrible phone


Horrible phone

Has anyone else gone to the Sprint store in Avon about their galaxy s2 ? They are giving me the hardest time there. I have had four replacement phones all having a problem with the menu button spazzing and the guy tells me that there's nothing he can do when it's their fault for selling defective phones when he and another worker told me before that he could get me another phone if this one didn't work aand when I got my third replacement phone but I said I'll give it one more shot, and he tried to give me the run around to a different store knowing that they couldn't help me. I should've never switched to sprint in the first place. I am very upset and would cancel my contract if it didn't cost so much, I have phone insurance and have been waisting my money paying for these services when they cannot help me with a issue that is their fault. I had to basically go off on him for him to even say that he will attempt to get me a new phone. Horrible !



Sorry for the delayed response, did you ever get a solution to this problem? Have you gone to the store again?


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