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Housekeeping the Epic


Housekeeping the Epic

I've had smartphones since 2003. First the Palm Treo 650, then the HTC Touch Pro, then the Touch Pro2. I've had the Epic now for almost six months.

Since then getting the phone I have installed 107 apps from the Amazon Appstore, and 81 from the Android Market, plus a a few apk's I've picked up here and there.

I have NOT rooted my phone, and at the moment I don't have the desire  to do so. I use my phone WAY too much. I use maybe thirty phone minutes  a month. For me, the Epic is a computer. I chat, email, use docs and  spreatsheets, mapping, research, and of course games. Should the rooting  go awry and I cannot use the Epic, or it gets bricked, I'd be lost.

I don't know how many apps are on a factory clean Epic, but right now I have a total of 181 apps including all the stuff Sprint originally added. (I use AutoAppOrganizer which keeps count among other things). In my opinion I've kept about a third of the apps I've installed. Every so often while digging through the Epic I find folders that were created by old apps that have been uninstalled.

That said, if my phone were a Windows pc, what I would do is backup all my installed software (as well as all settings, contacts, etc), wipe the thing clean and reinstall the operating system to return it to factory settings and restore my stuff.

Does that need to be done with Android? Should it be done? If it should be done, can it be done without rooting?

Thanks for any advice!!!!


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Housekeeping the Epic

Yes, you can 'hard reset' the device.  Be sure to back up any information you will want to restore first as this will reset it to factory defaults.

1. With the handset turned off, press and hold volume down + camera button and then press the power button

2. Let the handset boot up and it will take you to the reset screen.

3. Use volume up/down to highlight option, and press the "Home" key to select.


Housekeeping the Epic

Thank you dshoem01 for your quick reply but clearly you misunderstood my post. I did not ask how to reset an Epic, or even if it could be done.

I asked if I SHOULD reset the phone after installing and uninstalled scores of apps.

Further, if it should be done, how can it be done without rooting? Your statement of "Be sure to back up any information you will want" does not explain HOW.

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