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How do I get my Epic Hotspot to connect with my wifi card (Atheros AR5007)?


How do I get my Epic Hotspot to connect with my wifi card (Atheros AR5007)?

I just got an Epic and have not been able to get the hotspot to connect with my Compaq laptop.  It works with my wifes laptop, and other computers in my office. 

I have talked to level 1, 2 and 3 tech support at Spint, Samsung, Best Buys Tech Support, and the Sprint store.  We have determined that there is nothing wrong with my laptop since it will connect to other wifi devices as well as other hotspot devices.  We have also, determined that the Epic is working fine since the hotspot function works with every other computer.

Everyone seems to think that my Atheros AR5007 wifi card in my laptop has MAC Address Filtering and that this funtion is causing the problem.  Has anyone encounter this problem?  Was there a fix for it?  How do I add the MAC address of the phone to the Atheros AR5700 so that if won't filter the address out?  Can I turn the mac filtering off?  Can I spoof the Epics Mac address so that AR5007 will think the Mac Address is OK?

Any help in this matter is greatly appreciated.

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