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How do I get rid of text to landline????

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How do I get rid of text to landline????

I really, really do not want the text to landline feature and keep accidentally texting landlines instead of the person's cell phone.  Please tell me how to get rid of this feature!!!

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How do I get rid of text to landline????

This feature cannot be removed. You would just want to make sure that the mobile phone numbers in your contacts are saved as 'mobile' and not 'home' or 'work.' This way when you type the name of your contact, and it populates the different phone numbers associated with that contact, you can select 'mobile' with confidence that it will actually be using their cell phone number.


How do I get rid of text to landline????

Frankly, with all due respect, "This feature cannot be removed" is not a good answer for your customers.  This is a nuisance for those who do not want this feature.  It should be an option, not something that is forced down our collective throats. 

I'd be sure to wager that if you polled your customer base they would want this as an option, not a (forced upon) standard feature.

I love Sprint,  I was with AT&T for 13 years and I am overjoyed now that I am with Sprint.  I am happy with my phone, my plan, service, the customer support in the retail stores and on the phone but this Text To Landline is a nuisance and should be an option, not a standard feature.

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