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How long is your Epic battery last?


How long is your Epic battery last?

Just curious about Epic battery, I charge my phone all night and start using from 8 AM. It is pretty down to 15% or 20% around 4 PM. Here are my normal usages: 1 hour of Google Map driving to work; checking email 4 to 6 times (set to refresh every hour); total talk time maybe around 45 minutes; few texting; browse the web perhaps 20 some minutes. I turn off WiFi, live wallpaper, and pretty kill all the active tasks from Task Manager. The only two thing that I have running are World Weather widget and Sense Analog Clock. How long is your battery last with the similar usages?

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Re: How long is your Epic battery last?

I'm much lower usage. Starting from a full charge at 9am I'm at 75% at 3:40pm. I only made one call today that lasted 1.5 mins. My display seems to be the biggest battery hog, which is strange.

I like using the Battery use to see what's taking up my battery:

Display        - 39% at 41m 9s

Cell standby   - 22% at 6h 45m

Phone idle     - 15% at 6h 4m

Bluetooth      -  9% at 6h 45m

Voice calls    -  8% at 1m 21s

Android system -  3% at 5m 12s

what's yours look like?


Re: How long is your Epic battery last?

Here are mine for today:

Voice calls    - 74$ at 1h 0m 10s

Display        - 12% at 37m 1s

Cell standby   - 10% at 9h 59m

Phone idle     -  3% at 5h 16m

Maps           -  2% at 0h 2m 24s (GPS)

                              50s (CPU usage)

                              48s (CPU foregraound)

I don't have good signal in the office (0 to 2 bar maybe that is the cause of probelm). I had Evo before this one, and I was hoping Epic will last longer since Epic is using different CPU, but it's actually run out of battery faster than Evo by at least an hour to 4 or 5 hours max with the similar usage.

Thanks for feedback.



Re: How long is your Epic battery last?

4 hours max. If I want it to last, I have to go into airplane mode or just turn the phone off. I'm returning it tomorrow, for this and many other reasons. Terrible phone.


Re: How long is your Epic battery last?

When I had 4g enabled and did a good bit of surfing I lasted 6 hours. With only 3g and bluetooth enabled I get 12+ hours. Its definately a power-hungry phone. The strange thing is that this supposedly energy efficient display is taking up the most battery power.

In my own post,, I compared my usage to a friend's with an HTC Hero and found that for the same amount of screen time their display seemed to be using four times less power. Its very unusual


Re: How long is your Epic battery last?

I'm getting a maximum of 12 hours, without doing much of anything on it.

I'm hoping it gets better or I might be taking it back as well.  I need it to last at least 24 hours with very little use.  Firmware update soon please?


Re: How long is your Epic battery last?

Unfortunately my battery doesn't last very long.  With an AIM client running in the background and some mild web browsing and messaging I get maybe 5 hours before it completely dies on me.  Also, I left it unplugged last night when I went to bed with 32% battery and when I woke up it had completely died.

I read that background data and auto sync being on is a big drain on battery so I have disabled these items.  If battery life doesn't improve significantly with these changes, I'm going to have to bring this phone back.  My girlfriend upgraded to an iPhone 4, hasn't plugged it in for 2 days of moderate use (some netflix, messaging, surfing, games), and it's still at 50% battery life.  Make's my Epic's battery look like a laptop from the 90's...


Re: How long is your Epic battery last?

I got this because I heard the battery life would be better than the EVO's.  My wife and I barely get through a day of normal use.

30 mins talking.

1-3 hour surfing/fiddling around.

Little in the background.

Misc, like pictures.

I am disappointed.  It is worse than our ATT (Galaxy S) Captivates (which we returned), but not by much.


Re: How long is your Epic battery last?

I have had my Epic for 2 days.  I'm very disappointed in the battery life.  I'm barely getting three hours, and that's with just doing one small text!  I've uninstalled the my apps purchased on the Market, turned off wifi, turned off 4G, etc.  Any ideas out there to extend the battery life? 


Re: How long is your Epic battery last?

I am findin that the battery lasts alot longer than the evo.  I keep the blutooth and wifi off unless i'm using them .  Although when I'm using Sprint nav I do have it plugged in to my car charger.  So far I'm very pleased with this phone.

Re: How long is your Epic battery last?

I just tried something on my epic that has made a difference in the ratio of power usage.  When I got my phone I changed the screen timeout to be the same as the display (two minutes).  The dispay usage % was at least two times as much as the closest system however when I changed th screen timeout to 15 seconds the ratio was much more in line with my evo usage chart.  Its worth further monitoring, but it might explain why the Epics default settings turn off the 4 bottom display keys so soon after turning the display on.


Re: How long is your Epic battery last?

I got my Epic on the 31st. of August, and so far using many things all day long, everyday since I first started using it. I use it probably at least 8 hours or a little more, and the battery was good. Yesterday I  took it of the charger at about 9:00am, and used it alot, and the low battery warning came up at about 10:00pm. To me this is amazing when compared to my old phone the HTC Hero. I love this Epic so far. I have not one  lock up at all, NONE! Everything is smooth. I'm really very happy, because of the HELL I went through with the Hero, this phone has been a dream come true.  : )

Wi-Fi..No problems

Bluetooth...No problems

4G...Some signal problems


Apps...No Problems

Camera and video...Great

Battery...Way better than I thought!!!!!!!!!!!!

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