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How long is your Epic battery last?


How long is your Epic battery last?

Just curious about Epic battery, I charge my phone all night and start using from 8 AM. It is pretty down to 15% or 20% around 4 PM. Here are my normal usages: 1 hour of Google Map driving to work; checking email 4 to 6 times (set to refresh every hour); total talk time maybe around 45 minutes; few texting; browse the web perhaps 20 some minutes. I turn off WiFi, live wallpaper, and pretty kill all the active tasks from Task Manager. The only two thing that I have running are World Weather widget and Sense Analog Clock. How long is your battery last with the similar usages?

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My battery lasts around 3-4 hours. I have realized that my battery actually dies at around 50% of battery charge. My battery indicator says I have aound 50% life left, but the battery still dies.


Showing 50% and dies. You probably need to contact Sprint tech support or take it to A Sprint store.



Mine has been unplugged since 0700 this morning, I have been watching youtube videos, surfing the net, texting, and playing in the app store all day and my battery is at 50% as of 4:45 this evening. I am very pleased with that. WAY better than the Blackberry I replaced.


It seems even after a few days after getting the epic the battery is lasting longer now.  The power drain seems to be so much lower on the epic than the evo and my settings are all the same.


What am i doing wrong?  My battery lasts 3-4 hours of what i would consider normal to low usage.  Check emails, a short call or two, read some news, play a game.  I have to plug it in after a couple hours.

Here is my current battery summary:

  • Display - 82%
  • Cell Standby - 7%
  • USA Today - 4%
  • Android System - 3%
  • Antivirus - 2%
  • Advanced Task Killer - 2%
  • Phone Idle - 2%

It appears the display is killing the battery.  Screen Timeout is set at 30 seconds.  Keyboard timeout is 6 seconds.  What can i change to lower reduce the display's impact on the battery?

Also, when i plug it in, it takes 3 or 4 hours to recharge.   Is this normal?

I love the phone except for the fact that i can't go anywhere without a cord.

Thanks in advance for your help.

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P.S. I forgot to mention that i am in a 3G market.  I only turn on Wifi and GPS when I need to use them.


I finally have this battery and settings figured out. I think part of my battery drain has been just he sheer fact that it was a new toy and so I was using it more than my old phone. But even with that I was getting horrible battery life. Here are some of the things I have done to alleviate that problem:

  • Set display timeout to 15 sec and made keyboard match
  • Have 4G, GPS, WiFi, Bluetooth disabled unless I am using them.
  • Disabled background data & auto-sync in the account settings
  • Set display brightness to auto (this was not selected by default)
  • Set display to power saving mode
  • Using built-in task manager and "advanced task killer" to ensure no apps running in background.

With these settings in place I went to work today to see what battery life I could get in realistic conditions. My results were quite surprising to say the least! I am current at 12.5 hours on battery and have 57% battery life remaining with what I consider to be a normal day of phone use, including a few phone calls, many text messages, and some light game playing. I believe the auto screen brightness was the biggest factor in getting more life out of the battery and I do not understand why they wouldn't turn this on by default. These numbers mean 24 hours of uptime is easily achievable.

Here are my current battery stats:

  • Display - 51%
  • Cell Standby - 21%
  • Phone Idle - 15%
  • Voice Calls - 5%
  • Android System - 3%
  • Android Core Apps - 2%

With these results I am much more positive about this phone, and hopefully this can help you acheive the same results 🙂


    Off the charger for 12 hours and shows 40% battery remaining, according to "Gauge Battery Widget v.1.5.2".  Mix of wireless, 4G, 3G, voice, web and text across several locations  The battery is lasting  longer now that it is "broken in".

    Here are the details:

    Display 37%

    Voice Calls 29%

    Cell Standby 16%

    Phone idle 10%

    Browser 3%

    Android System 3%

    Time without a signal 8%

    Background data sync is enabled.

    12 hours with a 40% cushion.  That is more than enough battery life for me.

    I love this phone!



    Could you please post the code on the back of your battery?

    I seem to have very similar usage to you, but I have drastically different battery life.

    I am not just an uninformed complainer either--I bought 3 Epics (2 are with family members) and all of us have the same issue.

    Perhaps we got a bad batch of batteries.

    It is a theory worth checking, I think.

    Mine reads:



    2010.08.04 (another of our phones is 2010.08.01, but all other codes are the same)

    On mine:

    1% lasts    7.75506651191858    minutes
    so 100% =    12.9251108531976    hours

    I installed "juice defender" tonight (it looks responsible and well-made) and I will report what the numbers are with that running.  Some users report 2x longer battery life using it.

    Sprint Product Ambassador

    That's about what I'm getting: 8 to 10 hours with light use. Mostly background data syncing email, calendars etc.

    Product Ambassador, long time Sprint employee

    Looks like my battery is jus a few days older.


    s/n AA1Z726JS/5B


    It took a full week of daily charging to get more than 6 to 8  hours... but I was using it a lot too (new toy you know).

    I have GPS off and only turn on wireless and 4G when needed.

    Screen brightness is on "auto" and I ditched the Touch Wiz and am running the native Android UI.  I don't know if it makes any difference in the battery but I like it better.  I borrowed an EVO for a couple of days... the Epic battery lasts longer.

    Some applications will kill the battery too.  I had Weather Bug loaded... but dumped it when I heard about compatability problems.  And the fancy active backgrounds will also eat the battery (they sure are cool though!).

    Sprint has a battery life tips sheet for the EVO in their stores.  I have attached a copy..  Almost all the tips apply to the Epic.

    I hope you get it sorted out.

    I am mostly happy with the epic but I still don`t understand why thy display is using up so much power compared to the systems on the list.  Am I wrong about hearing that the super amoled screen is an LED type that uses less energy than a TFT display like the EVO.  I am still using 75% or better on just the display.  Thanks.


    I get a max of 4.5 hours of standby time on a full charge with just Touchdown running in the background, no other apps, no talking, no messaging, no browsing.  I have my screen set to time out at 3 sec and I have all settings other than email as minimal as possible.  Brightness is on its lowest setting.  I have WiFi , 4g, Bluetooth, and GPS, all turned off.  Yesterday I went to the local Sprint store where I bought the phone and they even swapped out the battery.  They said I needed to go to a service center if I was still having problems.  Has anyone done this?

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