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How to Get AllShare to work on your Samsung Epic 4G


How to Get AllShare to work on your Samsung Epic 4G

Help please...

When I turn on wifi and then start AllShare, all I see are the three action options 1) play from phone to another player, 2) play from server to phone, or 3) play file from server on another player via my phone.  That would be great, except that each option shows a spinning "thinking wheel" indefinitely before the app finally times out and force closes.  There is a Help button and a Settings button on-screen, The help button just tells me all the great things the app will do someday (if I can ever get it to work) and the Settings button just causes a pop up dialog that says, "AllShare busy".

It would be great if the "tutorials" I've seen gave some usefult information as to how to navigate the first run.  You know, tell me what I should be seeing, what issues could cause me not to see what I should be seeing... that sort of thing.

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