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I give up!


I give up!

The Epic is dead, long live the Apple 4s.  Ever since the last system update my Epic gobbles up its battery almost as fast as I can charge it.  I posted here asking for a solution and tried what various people suggested but it still eats its battery at a great rate.  I am using a new OEM battery, switching with another new OEM battery, and neither can keep up with the phone's mysterious usage of power.  Since I can't live with a phone that won't last a day even with no calls in or out, I just ordered an Apple IPhone 4s.  Samsung can go hang, and no thanks to whoever it is at Sprint who is in charge of OS customization for the Epic, either.  I'm done!


I give up!

It is unfortunate that a devices battery life can change drastically versus other devices with similar software and network configurations , the iPhone has a more standard battery use pattern than Android.


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