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I have a gmail account but the contact list is empty; List is not syncing


I have a gmail account but the contact list is empty; List is not syncing

I have tried to research this online, but cant figure out whats going on.

I have a gmail account and the contact list is empty.

On my phone (was Epic 2.1, now Epic 2.2, but same results either case), I have an the option to sync my contacts

Someone told me to "uncheck" the box, which I did, then re-check the box.

When I do this, it looks like it is syncing my contacts. I see a little while spinning wheel. Once it finished the Sync Contacts button is checked

However, when I click the My Contacts tab after logging in to my gmail account, the list is empty

ANy one ran across this before?


I'm assuming when you log into your gmail account from a computer  you have contacts in there. If that is the case, and they are not syncing to the phone, it probably would require the phone to be reset and then to sync your gmail account to the phone again. If the contacts are not coming when you go to accounts and sync and select contacts to sync under gmail, resetting and trying again is what I would do. To reset your phone, you would need to speak to us here at tech support. Call us at 1-888-211-4727, we will gladly help you with that.


If the contacts are stored locally on the phone they cannot sync.

In that case export the contacts to a csv file (usually root of sd card) [Contacts > Menu > Import/Export]

Then import them to gmail before you reset the phone

Hope this helps


I am sorry you are having this problem on your device.   We can try t resolve this issue by following these steps.

Go to contacts press menu select import/export export to SD card

Contacts will back up to the card

Same steps but now select import from SD card should ask if you wish to import to Google or the phone select Google. Device will tell you the number of contacts it has imported.

At this point the contacts should sync to Gmail will take a few minutes   check the Gmail on line to insure sync has completed and contacts are there.



This worked perfectly. For some reason (maybe all phones are like this?), my Sprint Epic offers choice to save either 1) to phone or 2) to google/gmail account (NOT BOTH) when ADDING A NEW CONTACT.

Apparently, when the contact list was ported from my last (non-Android) phone, all contacts are now saved only "on phone". I performed the steps you specified, and now all contacts are in sync with my gmail account.

There are 2 icons now for each contact, one that shows a telephone, and another that shows the gmail icon

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