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Incoming Call Volume, Texting and Vibration With Gingerbread Upgrade


Incoming Call Volume, Texting and Vibration With Gingerbread Upgrade

After downloading the gingerbread upgrade on my Epic, my incoming call volume is LOUD, even at the lowest setting. Honestly, I need to hold the phone an inch away from my ear to avoid the feeling that my eardrums are going to burst. Others in the same room can hear the conversation between myself and the caller, and there goes any privacy.  Anyone else have the same issue? 

Since this upgrade, I also had issues with strong vibration for incoming notifications. I first lowered the vibe intensity for texting and e-mail notifications, but it kept vibrating strongly, too much for me. I turned off fthe vibrate completely, which actually took many attempts before it even seemed to register. So now I have to 'SETTLE" for no vibration just to avoid the irritation.

For the Swype, the auto-correct switched to Espanol after the upgrade, so it kept auto correcting and replacing with Spanish words. I didn't know what was going on until I finally figured out it was set to Espanol. I switched the setting to English, and it worked ok for that one text I sent out. Next text, it switched back to Espanol again!  I finally selected to disable to everything in Word Suggestion and selected English. Been working fine ever since.

I thought the idea of an upgrade was to have a device make your life easier. I regret downloading Gingerbread, I feel feel it's a step backwards. I want to go back to the old version. For all money I paid for this phone, I now have to deactivate features like vibration and word suggestion. Sounds like a sucky deal to me.


Incoming Call Volume, Texting and Vibration With Gingerbread Upgrade

the call volume is WAY too high.. and no way to adjust during the call .. just started after the upgrade to the Gingerbread OS..

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