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Issues with texts and internet speed


Issues with texts and internet speed

First issue:  S L O W  speed.  If I'm with a group of griends and I'm trying to check in to facebook, I am the last one (if it evens load) to pull up the locations.  I leave the GPS turned on ALL the time and have 4-5 bars of service.  My friends have Verizon and AT&T...with a variety of phones.  This has been an ongoing issue.  Any ideas?

Second Issue:  This is a biggie and has been happening on and off for the last 3-4 weeks.  My text messages are not going through and they don't show up as failed.  This is especially common if I send a large text msg (not pictures) of 4 or 5 sentences.  Or, they only get parts 2 and  3 of a 5 part msg.  I contacted Sprint and they recommended that I take the phone to a repair center which i did.  Nothing seems to fix the problems and I feel like I am getting the run around from Sprint.  Does anyone know of any fixes for this problem?

Thanks for the help


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