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Limit Sprint HotSpot to 4G


Limit Sprint HotSpot to 4G

Hi all!  Just picked up an Epic 4G (and loving it!).  I paid the $29/month for the wifi hotspot capability, and have a question about it: I know the data usage is unlimited on 4G, and 5GB on 3G.  So, is there anyway to 'disable' the 3G in the Sprint HotSpot app (or on the phone somewhere)?  Since I live in a 4G area, I'd rather only be drawing off of the unlimited 4G service at home, and thereby save my precious 5GBs of 3G for traveling.  Unfortunately, even though I do live in 4G coverage, the reception on the phone appears to be a li'l spotty on the Epic, depending on where I am in the house, hence wanting to only allow the Sprint Hotspot app to be 'enabled' when the phone has 4G service...Was that clear enough? Anyone have any idea(s)?  Thanks all!


Re: Limit Sprint HotSpot to 4G

You have nothing to worry about as the 3G is unlimited on all phone data plans, Including the HotSpot feature. There is no cap.

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