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Lockscreen issue, anyone know of a fix?


Lockscreen issue, anyone know of a fix?

My phone intermittently does not respond to my lockscreen pattern correctly. This has happened since I got the phone, but has recently become worse for some reason (I'm using 2.2). When I turn the screen on and attempt to unlock the phone using my pattern, it behaves as if there is an invisible diagonal line that breaks my pattern, causing it to be incorrect even though I'm entering it correctly. The fix has been to slide out the keyboard and enter the patter in landscape mode. Does anyone know of an actual fix for this? Does anyone else have this problem? It is extremely annoying. I've tried Googling it and haven't seen anyone else having the same problem.

Pulling the battery and/or restarting has not had any effect on the frequency of this issue. It happens between 0-10 times a day. It is not affected by plugging into USB.


Lockscreen issue, anyone know of a fix?

I am not having the same problem since I dont use a lock pattern, but I do have times when the screen won't unlock except by the slider, and even then I can't turn it off because the touch screen does not respond.  Had to pull the battery both times.

I am still only on 2.1 as well

Question - does this happen more when it is plugged into USB or does that not seem to make a difference?


Lockscreen issue, anyone know of a fix?

I am on 2.2 as well but have never experienced this issue. I know that I have found that in the event that I do not make direct lines it misreads the pattern. In other words if I mean to go to the dot to the left but veer downward at all it tries to act as though I am doing a diagonal. If this is not the issue with your phone then it may be something for technical support to have a look at. It could be a software issue and a Sprint Corporate repair center can easily test that for you!

Hope this helps! -Dana

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