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Love my Epic, But...........


Love my Epic, But...........

I am loving my Samsung Epic, but I have a few problems with it and was hoping to see if others were having the same or any of these issues.

1) My Epic shuts its self down 1-3 times a day for no reason. I can finish a phone call or text message and then all of a sudden my screen goes dark and it resets itself.

2) I have to take the battery out of my Epic or restart it with the power button several times a day in order to get my phone to work. It's the only way that I can get my phone to recognize or open any application. I can hit the "Phone", "Contacts" or any other button and the I will get some type of force close button. After I get this message, I power cycle my phone and it works fine.

3) Been times where NO names are with my contacts, just numbers. Once I restart my phone, it works again.

4) Having the GPS problem like everyone else

5) Every now and then, my phone will change all of my personal ringtones that I have set up for my contacts and make all of my contacts have the default ringtone.

Overall I LOVE my Epic, but having to power cycle my phone SEVERAL times a day has started to get really annoying. I worry that I might have an emergency someday and when I go to use my phone, that I will have to power cycle it first and lose precious time.

Any feed back, pointers or tips are appreciated.


For what it's worth, I was having pretty much all of these same problems, but they went away after I went back to the store and insisted on an exchange. I think there might be a bad batch of hardware out there.  See my thread about my issues:


I agree I think there is a bad batch cuz i had the same problem exchanged it and my new epic works great.

But, does anyone know how to receive instant email notifications? My old phone would notify me whenever i received an email, I went into the settings for the email on this phone and set it to check email every 5 minutes but it doesn't notify me of new messages.

I brought it to the Sprint store and the tech took my phone and basically adjusted the volume setting from vibrate to ring and claims he solved the problem.... I was like that didn't solve any problem and I had my phone on vibrate on purpose... Thanks for nothing lol.

Anyone have any clue how to receive instant notifications for email alerts?

Sprint Product Ambassador

Sounds like you have a loose battery or a hardware problem.

I have not seen this on any of the in house Epics.  I'd suggest taking that to a Sprint Service and Repair center -- you can find them at

Product Ambassador, long time Sprint employee
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