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MMS Failure


MMS Failure

So, here it goes. I have an Epic 4G rooted on CM9beta2. I have always been having problems downloading MMS pictures when I recieve them. I hit download, and about one minute later a notification appears stating that the MMS failed to download. I have my wi-fi turned off when I make the attempt to download, and still cannot yeild a picture. Do you know if this problem can be fixed with AIRAVE?


Re: MMS Failure

well i cant send photos using text message. strange it's been working with no problem until this problem today.


Re: MMS Failure

I assume you found the fix by now. If not, you can try the following (since you're on CM9ß2, which is an older version ICS already) 

Open you app list and go to Voice Dialer. Say "Open APN". A link with the "Open APN's" will pop up. Press on it and select the only option, which is Sprint.

A list will open up. Touch to open the proxy and type and press OK. Then touch to open the Port, type 80 and OK. Press the Menu button and select Save.

Reboot your phone and try downloading the attachments again.

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