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Main Icons/Tabs (contacts, messaging,and phone) disappear into application Icon/tab


Main Icons/Tabs (contacts, messaging,and phone) disappear into application Icon/tab

Turned my phone back on from a soft reset, let it sit for about 5 mins to load and what not.

unlocked my phone, and those 3 icon/tabs for Messaging, Phone and Contacts, dissapeared.

so i started looking around the main screens, they all look normal nothing changed, but none of my missing icon/tabs.

so i look into the last remaining tab (and yes im talking about all the main tabs at the bottom of the screen), the last remaining tab Applications.

and i open it and first off i notice all my hard work of re-arranging my icons has gone to waist because, oh look there they are, the phone and contacts and messaging icons/tabs, are now just app icons

inside of applications.

so how do i fix this?? i want them back to where they were.

i've tried just hard and seft resets, no work. and i cant find a way to add to it because when pressing and holding only works for adding to the main screen


yeah, i lost my contacts icon out of the group of four (should be contacts, messaging, phone and applications).  I'm surprisesd the full factory reset (hard reset) didn't resolve it (it should restore it back to original state).  I have resisted resetting my phone as it is a pain.  I'll buy the fourth generation galaxy phone when it comes out before I reset my phone if i'm going to go through the hassle of resetting everything.  You can still put the missing icons on your home screen, it just won't reside in that protected area at the bottom.


i haven't found out how to put them back yet, but i did find a temporary set-up that works.

Go to Sprint ID, and i have 2 ID's a My ID and a Samsung ID, i was on the Samsung, but i switched to My ID and

although the set up is different, its a good confuguration.



I'm very sorry to hear that you're experiencing this issue.  Unfortunately, since the bottom tiles are not customizable, the only way to retrieve them again would be to perform a factory reset of your device.  Note, this will erase all non backed up date, so please ensure all of your information is backed up before performing the reset.

To perform a factory reset on the Samsung Epic 4G:

Go to Settings>Privacy>Factory data reset

Please let me know if I can be of further assistance.


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