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Minutes used, Screen On, Computer connection, Notifications


Minutes used, Screen On, Computer connection, Notifications

I must start by saying that the "Help" for the Samsung Epic is not very good. I have so many questions about my new phone and have searched the manual, the internet, and even customer support and I still have questions. What they really need is some detailed, indexed, Task Oriented help.

Anyway - Any help with the following would be GRATEFULLY appreciated:

Minutes Used: Is there any way to find out how many minutes you have used FROM THE PHONE? I can do it if I go online, but it would be nice to press a button or two on the phone and get the info.

Screen On: Is there anyway to keep the screen active as needed? When I make calls to automated response services and have to walk through menus of entering different options, the screen keeps shutting down on me. Also, when I try to enter contacts, I get to put in a little info, then the screen goes blank.

Computer Connection: My phone came with a little plastic bag labled "Micro SD card is inserted in Handset" and the bag contains some little card that does not fit in the Micro SD card slot. Do I need this little card to connect to the computer? (Also, anyone care to do a walkthrough on how to connect and use the computer with the phone?)

Notifications: When I get a voice mail, my phone beeps once. Is there a way to get it to beep again, maybe every half hour or so?

I also had this question, but didn't have room in the subject:

Holidays, important days, etc.: Is there an app or anything that will automatically download Holidays and important days to my calendar? (I know Holidays are a challenge since there are so many that may or may not apply. The ultimate app would let me run through a checklist of what I wanted and then download my choices, but I may be asking for too much.)

Again, Thank you SO much for any and all help.


Re: Minutes used, Screen On, Computer connection, Notifications

2- Go to Settings/Sound & Display/Screen Timeout and change the default.  Some apps from the Android Market will also do this.

3- Go to Menu/Notifications/ and select USB Connected.  Click Yes to Mount the SD card. The Epic will be considered a removable drive in Windows Explorer.  The adapter is to load the Micro-SD memory chip into a SD Card reader.  If you connect via the Micro-USB port, you won't need it.


Re: Minutes used, Screen On, Computer connection, Notifications

Minutes used, There is a preloaded app "Sprint Zone"  It does however take you to the internet to get your usage. There are also these mobile sites.

Or from the phones dial pad *4 will give you your usage, Mins,data, etc.. It will even give you an option to press 2 and have it sent to you in a text.

Holidays, Important days, If you use Google Calendars, Go to your google account online or and on the bottom left, Add, Browse Interesting Calendars, US Holidays

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