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More email questions pop3 and gmail


More email questions pop3 and gmail

I am new to the android system, coming from years of Blackberry using. I never had a problem with any of my email on a smart phone until now.

I have the Epic 4g, if that makes any difference with the latest update below 2.2 , it shows 2.1 with update 1.

First I set up my two gmail accounts and my two pop3 accounts, it all worked for a week then I started seeing problems as follows:

1. The pop3 are set to sync one at 5 min ( my business acct) and the other at 15 min. However it will get over 12 hours behind. Sometimes if I force a refresh it pulls in the emails. This is nuts, anyone know why it can't pull in messages on time?

2. One of the gmail accounts I use for gtalk, so now I get two incoming messages on the same account. I tried to see what would happen if I deleted the email account in accounts. only to still get emails that come in but I can not find a way to access them after i close the window reading it. I found that there is another setting on accounts to sync, like facebook and others and lo there was my two gmail accounts set to be in sync. Again why have two different places and settings for gmail?  But more important how to have just one place to manage the gmail accounts? I was afraid to remove it in the other setting because it seems to warn it will wipe out your gmail account in both web and phone? How crazy is that?

If ANYONE has figgured this mess out, PLEASE tell me what I am doing wrong.


Message was edited by: eastrader Some problems resolved.. First do not set up gmail in the combined accounts, or if you do remove them as that is what causes double email notice on gmail accounts. You should use the gmail app/folder only for gmail, so basically the combined will not work right when all are in one place. It seems Sprint has a internal problem with pop3's as this is what happened.  Once the gmail was removed from combined still had pop3 problems, like no downloads on the time interval. Usually get a "connection error" and no email in.  But if you have a good signal you can refresh and sometimes they come in. A Sprint SME told me to update profile often through settings.. how lame is that, putting their server problems on the user. Oh well.. anyway once the 2nd problem was fixed at least I know I have #1 to deal with..

Message was edited by: eastrader - Finally gave up using the built in email app. and got K-9, wow is it fast and great!! So I have my gmail in its app and now my pop3 in K-9 it grabs emails on time, and there is even a push now from them.. Almost up to my old Blackberry now, even with 1 bar it works..OBTW my Airave went off the air, called, was a know outage and would be back up in a few hours.... mmm.. going on over 24 now and still out.. Thanks Sprint.

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