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Moving to another carrier.


Moving to another carrier.


Well after two long years with Sprint, Samsung Epic 4g, Updates, and promises of $10 for 4G service that never appeared, my contract is finally up!

Questions.  How does the move to Verizon or ATT affect the tie in with Google Voice? I have the same phone number as Google Voice.

Also what has been peoples experiences been when transferring their numbers to other providers?

Do you cancel service first or acquire new service and port the old numbers?

Any help from those that have made the transition before, What have been your experiences / pitfalls / recommendations? 



Google Voice or any of the Google accounts have nothing to do with the carriers. As long as you have Androind, it will be with you.

No, you don't need to cancel first. You can get a new account wherever you go and transfer your account.

Well, maybe you can stop by and let us know about your new experiences with your new carrier 

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