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My Epic dismay today


My Epic dismay today

Haven't been around this place in quite some time, the whole transition of the forums as well as work have taken up quite a bit of time but I wanted to stop in and share my disappointment with my Epic today.

I Had a Palm Pre up until November of last year when it finally bit the big one and I decided to upgrade to an Epic.  I had purchased my wife a Transform in October (to avoid the $10 EVO fee as I will always call it) but had decided after playing around with her phone that I wanted the Epic over an EVO just for the physical keyboard.

I plunked down the $250 and walked out of Best Buy a happy camper.

Since November things have been pretty uneventful for me and my Epic other than the regular waiting on pins and needles for 2.2, but I knew going into it that Samsung wasn't great on updates.  I was told in October that the Transform would be seeing an upgrade to 2.2 and when I got the Epic a month later I was told it would be coming down the pipe very shortly.

I haven't had any problems with the Epic until just recently and things have went downhill in the last 2 days which has gotten me to the point of typing this up.

About 4-5 days ago I noticed that when I would view a contact in my phone, I would see that under the linked accounts it would show the G for Google as many as 4 times and there would be anywhere from 1-4 F for Facebook.  I have one (1) Gmail account on my phone and one (1) Facebook account on my phone, and have had since I got it in November.  For some odd reason it was pulling down the contacts mulitple times and linking them together, I played around with removing the Facebook account and it still was acting stupid so I went ahead and removed my Google account from the phone and did the factory reset option that comes with removing your account.

Put a handful of apps back on, Angry Birds, Engadget etc. no task killer or anything like that.  I then added my accounts back and everything seemed to be in order as far as contacts go, this was about 2 days ago.  This morning I was out and about so I decided to turn on my 4G since I didn't plan on being around any WiFi spots and I noticed that tapping the 4G button in the bar on the top of the notifications section did nothing, it wouldn't even say that it was turning on.  I rebooted the phone several times and nothing, I even tried Airplane mode and nothing would affect the 4G button.  Out of curiosity I went into the "Wireless and Networks" section and tried to turn on 4G there and it would stall on "turning on..." I have to reboot the phone to get this to go away, also after a reboot it says under the 4G section Uknown in blue letters.  I went into the phone status and it doesn't show a 4G MAC address, so I thought maybe the 4G radio was bad in the phone.

I won't go into the horrible service and insane wait time I got from the 2 Sprint stores I visited, that is another issue for the satisfaction survery they plan on sending me.

They called my wife's phone about 5 minutes after we left the 2nd shop asking us where we would want a replacement phone sent in case they weren't able to repair my phone (should have thrown a red flag up, but I didn't think anything of it).  We returned about 45 minutes into the hour window they gave us as an estimated time for the repair.  A service tech brings out my phone and states that, and I quote "we look on forums and stuff, this is a known issue with software.  Maybe there will be an update in a couple days to fix this problem, some software issue causes your 4G not to work anymore" and hands me back my phone and tells me that a new one will be shipped to my house no later than Tuesday afternoon.

HOLD ON A MINUTE!!!!!  A software issue with my phone and MAYBE I will get an update in a couple of days that fixes it?!!??  Are you kidding me??  Does this mean that FroYo is coming, does this mean we are getting a maintenance update to fix problems other people are having, is this your way of telling me that you don't know what happened?  What kind of an answer was I given???

Also, if it is a software issue and in his own words they looked on some forums, why in the hell did they have to wipe my phone, but screwed with the contacts so now everyone on my Twitter, Facebook AND Gmail account are all in my phone contacts after only adding my Google account back on the phone when I got it back from them?  None of the NON Gmail accounts are in my actual Gmail when I check them on the computer, but everyone is on my phone now.

So while the last 3 months have been just a waiting game on something that in my opinion, should have been here long before now, the last week has been a royal PITA.

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