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My Epic's 4G isnt working =\ some guidance if you can


My Epic's 4G isnt working =\ some guidance if you can

Hello there,

I enjoy my Samsung, this was given to me by Sprint after my last phone completely failed, luckily I had insurance and they upgraded mine for free. Kudos to them, however I do appreciate their work in customer service, afr this being said my Samsung's 4g just stopped working. The 3g works well I can cruise the internet, download files, when I switch to 4g it shows the 4g is active etc, but it doesnt download anymore, or cruise the internet. I also use the phone to tether my computers interenet connection. Ive tried mounting as different options, other than that I have not tried anything, as I know its not a internet option as it works with 3G. Anyone help I would appreciate it.

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