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My Epic shuts itself off every night!!


My Epic shuts itself off every night!!


Before I return this phone after 2 weeks, I need to know if this is a common (and fixable) issue or a bug I can't live with.  From day one, I have found my Epic will shut itself off during the night. At first I figured it was the poor battery life that plagues these phones, but no. I can have the phone plugged in and charging. It will wake me with a "happy sound" when it's fully charged, something else I have issue with, but then later it will power itself off. The battery symbol will show fully charged, but the phone is off.

And when I say during the night, it almost seems to be around the same time, so the next question is this.  Is there a feature that will automatically shut the phone down at a certain time - just like an alarm, that I may have inadvertently enabled?

Thanks for the help!


I'm having a bit of a problem with this, too, along with reboots/hangs during the day. I posted about it over here:

Been trying to use this phone as an alarm clock, and don't quite feel like it's completely reliable for that.

But, I've been wondering if it's the fault of an app I installed, or maybe something synching data overnight. I've managed to keep the thing running without a reboot or power down after doing a factory reset and keeping background data off. I gradually reinstalled apps, and it seems to be doing okay if I keep background data off at night.

I'm just really hoping I'm not fooling myself with the app juggling and there's no actual hardware fault with the phone.

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