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No Auto-Correct on Physical Keyboard


No Auto-Correct on Physical Keyboard




are all checked in Settings->Language & Keyboard->Device Keyboard.  Auto-replace does not work at all!!!  Auto-punctuate works sometimes in some apps.  Auto-cap seems to work.

Most importantly, I would like to know how to get the Auto-replace to work.  What good is the physical keyboard if that doesn't work?

Does anyone out there know how to get the Auto-replace and Auto-punctuate to work?



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Re: No Auto-Correct on Physical Keyboard

Had the problem like this last month, but I don't know if my solution will work for you.  You can only have one auto-correct on at a time.  You can't have auto-correct on for the swype feature or the touch screen keyboard at the same time as the physical keyboard.  You have to unselect the option for either one of the others first and then it should be on for the one you want it on for.  It's just dumb, but considering how poorly thought out Samsung developed the little things for the phone, it's not that surprising.

Hope that helped.


Re: No Auto-Correct on Physical Keyboard

Nope didn't work.  I took all settings off swype and android keyboard and deselected them altogether.

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