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Notification ringtone keeps changing


Notification ringtone keeps changing

     This is insane!!  AFter that last update, my email or text notification ringtone ALWAYS reverts back to some weird jungle sounds and this mood music.

Yes I know I can change my ringtones but no matter how many times I've done this it always goes back to this insane default sound.  This started AFTER the last update and I am not the only one this has happened to.  There are numerous droid forums with this complaint.

It would be nice if ANYONE from sprint could comment on this


Notification ringtone keeps changing

Do you use Mabilo?  I saw another post and it was trying to make a correlation of different users.  You didn't state but I am guessing you are using the EPIC?  On your SD card you should have a path of sdcard>>Media>>Audio>>Notifications   Are the notifications you are using in that folder?

I will monitor your reply and follow up with you.

Hope this helps



Notification ringtone keeps changing

Larry thanks for taking the time to try and help.  To answer your first question, no, I am not using Mobilo.  Second, yes I have an Epic 4g.  Third, I took out the SD card and checked on my computer and there is no >Media path let alone Media>Audio>Notifications!??  I do have other folders there for music, images, games etc though.

Just to be a little clearer than my initial rant on this subject:  My phone worked absolutely fine before the Froyo update in late March.  No issues whatsoever.  Since then, there have been a few gltiches that are a bit annoying but are easy to live with and/or resolve themselves.  But this one is beyone annoying and started IMMEDIATELY after the update.  For phone calls I have various ringtones.  Mostly those that came with the phone.  Others for some friends/family I have music ringtones.  For text and email notifications I originally was using some ringtone that came with the phone.  Postman I believe.  After the update, the notification ringtone (only for text/emails not for voice calls) changed to what can only be described as some sort of bizarre mood tone with birds chirping in the background.  In other forums it's been called a jungle or rainforest ringtone.  If I go and reset the notification ringtone back to any of the stock tones, it will always default back to this jungle ringtone.  I have seen no answers anywhere online to this other than to take the phone to a service center (some people have to no effect) or to do a hard reset which I'm reluctant to do for the same reason.

So I'm wondering if I'm supposed to have this path you described, why isn't it there even though I can see my other media on it?

Thanks again

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