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OTA Updated Keyboard Doesn't Auto Correct


OTA Updated Keyboard Doesn't Auto Correct

My Android keyboard doesn't offer suggestions while I'm typing and doesn't auto correct after the Froyo update.  I have both options selected under my Android keyboard (not the Swype or Samsung keyboards).  I've the options off and then on again but to no avail.  The keyboard itself seems a lot less accurate as well.  I'm really starting to hate this update, but I don't want to wipe it all and have to grab all the apps and set everything up again....

Anyone else with this issue?


OTA Updated Keyboard Doesn't Auto Correct

Same problem here. The android keyboard will only offer suggestions of words that are in my Contact list. I downloaded the Gingerbread keyboard from Android marketplace and that one works fine. I don't like the Swype or Samsung keyboards.

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