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Phone Numbers Not Displaying Correctly


Phone Numbers Not Displaying Correctly

Hoping this is an easy one for someone to help me out with.

I should note that I was previously using the Samsung Moment which DID NOT have this issue.  I recently became the owner of the Samsung Epic but have noticed some problems when it comes to displaying phone numbers for my contacts.

The issue I'm experiancing is that phone numbers (US) are displaying on the phone in the following way:

(111) 2223333.

Previously on my moment they'd look as follows:

(111) 222-3333

Does anyone have any idea why they are not being formatted properly?  My contacts are being populated via my exchange account and I've also verified they display properly in Outlook.  Seems to be a specific issue with this phone as I haven't touched my contacts since I used my Moment in which they displayed fine on that.


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