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Pictures Disappearing from SD Card


Pictures Disappearing from SD Card

Yesderday I went to save pictures that were texted to me. Those attachments go to a "download" forlder where I had about 15 pictures. When I accessed the folder, all the icons were black with a generic avitar. I rebooted the phone and now the whole folder is gone. I have just finished removing the battery and rebooting and the pictures are still gone. Are they gone forever? Is this going to continue?


Not normal. Got any kind of antivirus software running?

Check for the photos that were sent to you.


Running "Lookout" antivirus.

It is strange because only one folder of pics disappeared.

I also installed Astro to be able to access files on the phone.

In there, I see a folder called Lost.DIR that has alot of inaccessable files.

Hoping it is some kind of recycle bin???

This happened once before, but rebooting brought the pic back.

Rebooting and battery removal did not do it this time.


OK. So I figured out that the pictures that were disappearing were in the download folder (pictures I saved from text messages). When I accessed the SD card from my computer (running Vista SP2), all pictures from cameral were listed as thumbnails. When I put the SD card back in the phone the downloaded pics were gone. Some other pics in the camera folder were disappearing and some pics only half the picture loaded, then when back in the phone the whole picture showed up. Kept messing with it in the computer and finally saved what was left to my desktop and eventually the whole SD card crashed. Took it to the Sprint store and they could not access it either. So before I potentially ruin another SD card, just wanted to know if it is something with the computer software and the SD card. I downloaded and installed the Samsung drivers for the SD card and phone. I was reading that the controller to the SD card is probably what crashed.

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