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Problem posting comments on Facebook in desktop mode


Problem posting comments on Facebook in desktop mode

I have looked all over for an answer to the problem I am having when trying to post a comment on Facebook while in desktop mode. I usualy {well always] log in to Facebook from my Epic phone in desktop mode. I read my newsfeeds and attempt to post a comment. But when I type my message and am done, there is no way to hit enter to post the message. There is no enter button on my phone. I have to open a new window, log in to the mobile Facebook app, go to the post, then post a ncomment from there. Then go back to the desktop window and see the comment I posted. I shouldn't have to do all this just to post a comment. And for the record, I do not like logging in from the FB app because I was constantly having problems getting the desktop feature to work correctly.

Additionally, I know there is the ability to comment on posts from Gmail when someone comments on your posts, but I stopped using that feature when the words in my sentences started appearing on two or three separate lines making me look as though I don't know how to write. Another issue that needs addressing. [And this particular problem does not apply to my issue merely because it pertains to when I am actually on the html page reading my newsfeeds].

So my question is, "How do I post the message from desktop mode without opening another window in mobile mode?" If there is not an enter key like on a regular computer keyboar nor on my QWERTY board, what key do I use? And fyi, there is no blue "post" box available next to the comment box on the page. Is there a key I am nissing?

Can someone please help point me in the right direction?

Thank you.

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