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Protective Case for Epic?


Protective Case for Epic?

I just got my phone a week ago and I like it.  Now I need a good protective case.  I'm having a heck of a time trying to sort through all the online reviews and comments. Quite frankly, none of them seem to clearly provide the 5 basic needs that I have:

1. Case that won't slide from grip - very important for drop prevention

2. Case that provides some protection if I do drop it

3. Case that allows the keyboard to properly slide without scratching the keys or otherwise creating extra resistance

4. Case that allows proper access to all buttons, ports, etc

5. Case that fits the shape of the phone, and doesn't make it ginormous (I'm willing to deal with some bulking-up, but I don't want a brick)

You'd think that would be easy to find, but it's not.

The basic case that Sprint sells fails on #3.  When it's attached, the clips put pressure separating the two parts of the phone - not good.

The body glove case from Sprint looks really nice. Unfortunately it's slick finish on the edges (ie, the part I'm actually gripping) fails miserably on #1.

I've seen some silicone cases that fail on #4 and/or #5.

I've seen some gel skins that look like they would fail on #2.

This ought not to be rocket science.  Has anyone found a case/skin that does what I'm asking for?


Re: Protective Case for Epic?

I have tried a handful of different cases and my personal favorite is the otterbox commuter series case.    

1) It grips to the hand nice, but still slides out of the pocket smoothly. I found sprints hard case to be to grippy and would pull my entire pocket out.

2) I have dropped my phone a couple of times and it has held up good.

3) If you put the top part of the case on how it is supposed to it does scratch the keyboard, but if you rotate it 180° it will not. The only minor drawback to putting the case on this way is that it leaves a really small gap between the case and the top arch of the phone, but you have to angle the phone just right to even notice it so it's not a big deal, and it doesn't make the phone any less protected.

4) The bottom part of the case has covers for the power, volume and camera buttons, but they are just as functional as w/o a case. You still have access to the charging port and they add a nice flexible cover for the head phone input.  

5) 5.08in x 2.82in x 0.74in are the dimensions listed on their web page. To me it was very close to the same size as w/ sprints hard case.


Re: Protective Case for Epic?

I have a body glove case and I'm loving it. The only thing I don't like about it is that the swivel will eventually wear out and when it is attached to a belt clip and has some moderate pressure it will come off and possibly falling onto ground. My body glove case is not slippery at all. It seems to have some nice resistance (tackyness) to it. I got it off of ebay for less than 20 bucks free shipping.


Re: Protective Case for Epic?

I'm going to try out the Otterbox. Thanks for the tip on avoiding the scratches - those were the reason I had previously dismissed the Otterbox.

I liked the tackyness of the Body Glove, but I wasn't interested in the belt clip, and the appearance isn't exactly what I was going for.  How smoothly does the keyboard slide opn?


Re: Protective Case for Epic?

I got my phone a year ago and spent months trying to find a decent case and ended up with a Innocase Surface Case by Seidio - it meets all your criteria and does it well, and has a very high quality feel. I'd dropped the phone more times than I like to think and the protection has been superb. When others hold my phone they remark on what a quality product it feels like - and they're feeling/seeing the case. Case was under $20. I bought other cases that I ended up throwing away and this one has been a keeper.


Protective Case for Epic?

The Surface case looks alot like the case that I got at Radio Shack when I got the Epic. It scratched the keys.

I got one of those Silicone cases but hubby says it is too bulky for his pocket and hard to get out of pocket, but at least it doesn't scratch the keys.

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