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Putting icons at the bottom of the screen

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Putting icons at the bottom of the screen

Recently the Phone icon disappeared from the icons at the bottom of the screen (those icons that stay at the bottom even while you move between the various pages).  I've been able to put it back on the home page, but not at the bottom.  Anyone else have this issue or know how to fix it (other than a hard reset)?  The phone has been turned off multiple times, no luck.  Can't drag the icon to the bottom as that is where the "remove" trash icon pops up when you try to drag an icon.  I have all of the available updates to my system already downloaded.  Unable to determine what caused it to happen in the first place, I just noticed that I have three icons instead of the four at the bottom, one morning this week.



Re: Putting icons at the bottom of the screen

My Epic is doing the same thing, except now I only have the applications icon left at the bottom. Once this started happening my phone started doing weird things, like freezing up to a point that I had to take the battery off to reset it. I am hoping its just a corrupt file somewhere so I can just delete it to fix the problem. Any solutions would be appreciated.

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Putting icons at the bottom of the screen

Figured it out.  Go to the Applications screen.  Select the menu button (bottom left of screen, next to the home button).  Click the "edit" button.  Select the icon you want and drag it to the bottom of the screen so that it becomes one of the four "permanent" icons when you are flipping between the various menu pages.  Hope this solves your problem as easily as it had mine!

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