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Qik on Samsung Epic 4G

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Qik on Samsung Epic 4G

I decided to give this bloatware app a try and see how the video chat works.

When I turn Qik on I get a message saying I must install the update from the market.  Clicking ok takes me to the market where the update installs easy enough.

After the install I try to run it and it will only force close.

I reboot, same thing.

I un-install the update... I get the update message.

I try to un-install the whole app, thinking I can just reinstall from scratch.... I cant do this because it is part of the Sprint bloatware package where everything is locked.

I'm a fairly technical guy and I can take care of most issues on my own.

My first question is, why does sprint force me into one of the following options?

1.  Contact support and hope they can help me through an issue that I could easily resolve on my own.

2.  Root my phone and fix it myself.

So before I fix this myself I figured I would burn though some of Sprints resources and see if I can get some support that would be un-needed if I had control of MY phone.

How do I get Qik working on my epic?


Qik on Samsung Epic 4G

Force Close messages are usually caused by software malfunctions.  Clear data under menu/settings/applications/manage applications/qik/clear data - If that doesn't work, you may need to hard reset your device before it will work properly.  Make sure you back up your data first. 

There are many preloaded applications you can choose to use on the Epic.  If you want a device without preloaded applications, maybe you should check out the Nexus S 4G.  It is a pure Google experience with no added applications. 

If you are still have trouble using Qik after the hard reset, you can check the Qik forums for other people with similar issues.


Qik on Samsung Epic 4G

I did clear data and I did power off and back on.  Or by hard reset  are you talking about factory settings type of reset (unacceptable)?

A factory reset is not as simple as "Make sure you back up your   data first."  That could include hours of reconfiguring every   application, widget and setting on the phone.

The best fix would be to un-install qik and re-install it.

So if I go "check out the Nexus S 4G" (not available when I got  the epic) Sprint will be happy to just swap me phones at no extra  charge?


Re: Qik on Samsung Epic 4G

A factory data reset is a common troubleshooting step and it does fix a majority of software problems, yet if you don't wish to do that, I certainly understand.  If the problem is due to software malfunction however, and reinstalling the app update didn't fix it, that reset may be the only resolution.  Qik is an app not made by Sprint and so the forums on Qik's website might be your best bet to fix the problem. 

In no way did I mean to infer that Sprint would trade phones with you unless you are within your 30 day exchange period.  You can get help with that 3rd party app from the developer of that app at


Qik on Samsung Epic 4G

Open the program and send it to the background. Then go into the above mentioned menu and choose Force Stop, then Clear Data. Once you do these two, go back to the Applications menu and uninstall the app (not from the Market). After that, try going to the market and redownloading the app.

I have found this works many times, as just uninstalling it will occasionally leave some of the program data behind.


Qik on Samsung Epic 4G

Thanks Rexcanis.  When I was uninstalling before I was going through the market.  Going through the apps menu made the problem go away.

Gotta love how Sprint forces an app on you, wont let you remove it then claims its a 3rd party app so its not their problem.

From a customer view, it came hardwired into the phone from Sprint.  I cant remove it.  That makes it a sprint app. I will always use sprint customer support for problems with things I get from them.

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