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Recent EPIC issues


Recent EPIC issues

I have owned the Epic since it was first released and haven't had problems with it.  Until recently.

1. I experience significant delays while texting.  It freezes up for a few seconds between messages, making sending & receiving very slow and obnoxious.

2.  SWYPE seems to be acting glitchy. While I am swyping, the system seems to freeze up for a second or two, so the phone doesn't record my swype paths. 

3.  The pre-installed music player has stopped recognizing my music, which was downloaded directly to the phone from Amazon.  I have to reboot the phone each time in order to get music to work.    Also, Pandora and Amazon MP3 apps refuse to play music on my phone.

4.  I frequently lose 3G connectivity.  I often have to turn on 4G, just so my phone reconnects to the network.  Of course, that drains the battery.

5. GPS is acting up as well.  It usually puts me several blocks away from my actual location.   And just last week, the GPS insisted I was in the Gulf of Mexico.

6. Battery life is HORRIBLE since the EC05 update.  I used to get at least 24 hours battery life.  Since the update, I have to charge the battery twice a day.

7. Today my phone freezes after each picture I take.  When I let it sit and think, it just closes the camera app.

8.  The photo gallery won't let me view or delete photos without freezing/crashing.

9. Starting today, I experience delays when trying to open apps

All of these issues have started since the EC05 update (except for the camera/gallery issues which began today).  

I thought it was a memory issue, so I moved several apps to the SD card.  I also uninstalled the apps that I do not use.  (IF ONLY I could remove the stupid Sprint bloatware apps which I have NEVER used).    This is why I am trying to delete photos too, but the gallery crashes.

I have checked for updates, I checked all my settings (and yes, data is on) I have tried turning off the phone and turning it back on.  I have tried removing the battery.  And the problems persist.    

I loved my Epic until today.  Now I just want to throw it against a brick wall.


Recent EPIC issues

I am also having issues connecting my phone to my computer.   MY computer never recognizes the device, and then when I remove the phone & USB cord from my desktop computer, it causes my desktop to crash.   So I can't even back up my phone to the computer.


Recent EPIC issues

I hate to say it but sounds like you need to do a "Factory Reset" You will loose everything not backed up on your phone. Everything on your SD card should be OK though.


Re: Recent EPIC issues

Mind if I add a recent annoyance on my Epic running OTA EC05 update.  Starting about 2 weeks ago I started getting my emails posting in both my gmail and in the "email" area, before nothing posted under the "email" area, only under gmail.  Now I have to go through each and delete items I don't want to save.

Be careful if you take your phone to Sprint store for reset, they managed to wipe off the SD card too when they did the factory reset.  Wish I had removed my SD card and put in original one that came with the phone.

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Recent EPIC issues

RSPC wrote:

I hate to say it but sounds like you need to do a "Factory Reset" You will loose everything not backed up on your phone. Everything on your SD card should be OK though.

+1.  you can manually pull the SD card.  use the SD adapter that came with the phone for the card reader on your computer to back it up, just in case.  many epic users encountered the lag issue and have had to factory reset, including myself.

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