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Restore Messages sent while Phone was broken.


Restore Messages sent while Phone was broken.

Alright, so my phone was stuck in a boot loop after I tried updating to 2.3. Factory Resetting did nothing, and I finally had the time to go to a Sprint Store today. They fixed it, but I don't have any messages that were sent while the phone was broken. I know there are text messages that should be on it, a friend of mine had texted me while it was broken. Does anyone know how I can restore them?



Ultimately, it comes down to timing and if the phone received the messages. If the phone made it far enough in to the boot sequence to connect to the network and receive the messages, unfortutately they likely were lost when the phone was fixed. If not, the text messaging system will normally hold a message for 72 hours before considering it to be a failed attempt. It may take a little bit of time, but messages not received that have been sent within 72 hours should make it on the phone when the system attempts to send them to the phone again.

It's a long shot, but if you have Google Voice activated and intregrated with your Sprint service, you can access those messages at


Hello.  Our system will "queue" up to 15 text messages and hold them for up to 72 hours while waiting for the device to be available.  If your phone was down for more than this time frame, then we apologize but your messages were purged.  Sprint does not have a way to acutally resend text messages from our network wirelessly for the Samsung Epic. 


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