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Samsung EPIC 4G Wifi hotspot issues


Samsung EPIC 4G Wifi hotspot issues


I have the Samsung epic 4G and everything seems to work ok with the exception of the wireless hotspot.  I have the latest firmware & software for the phone.  It is WIFI plan is also on my account.  When I attempt to use the wireless Hotspot it automatically drops the 4G "4G network disconnected" (I can live with this) then it attempts to connect over 3G.  It seems to connect however the devices I try to connect via the phone can't get out to the internet.  The devices show up on the phone device list. The phone's internt connection shows up in my networking choices however the access is listed as local only.  I took it to the store where they offered an exchange however they didn't have any epic 4G's available when I went in. Said they would call when they got some in.  Any ideas on what the problem is?



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