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Samsung EPIC


Samsung EPIC

Is there a hard release date yet? I have heard rumors of August 20th. But, can not verify.   

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Re: Samsung EPIC

Who knows?  I've also heard August 11, but I really don't think either date is realistic.  To meet those release dates, it seems like they would have had to make the announcement already.

I'm not sure why Sprint can't just handle releases like pretty much everyone else.  For the iphone4, Apple introduced the phone, announced pre-sale date, release date and pricing, all at one presentation.  It was released about 2 weeks after that announcement.  RIM just did the same for the Torch.  "Here's our awesome new phone, here's the price, and here's when you can buy it."  It will be available about a week from their announcement.

For the EVO, Sprint announced the existence of the phone on March 23.  That was it.  Six weeks later, on May 12, they finally announced the release date and pricing.  Finally, on June 4 it was available (not counting the supply issues that are still preventing people from buying one).  That's almost 3 months from announcement to release.  Makes no sense.

For the Epic, I still haven't seen Sprint actually announce anything, other than some teaser pages on their web site.  Samsung actually made the annoucement for all 4 Galaxy S phones on June 29.  T-Mobile actually announced pricing and release date a day before Samsung's annoucement, and then actually move the release up a few days, to about 2 weeks after the introduction.  AT&T waited about a week, then announced pricing and release date for the Captivate, which came out a few days after the Vibrant.  And we here at Sprint are forced to not-so-patiently wait.  What can be so hard about announcing the date? (Note: Verizon is also keeping people in the dark about the Fascinate, for some reason).

Please Sprint, come on!  For a communications company, your communication is terrible.  Maybe you're trying to build suspense, but all you're doing is annoying your customers.  This one in particular.

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