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Samsung Epic 4 G - Drivers for PC

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Samsung Epic 4 G - Drivers for PC

We have recently purchased the Samsung Epic 4G Galaxy S  cell phones. It would be nice if after spending so much money, Samsung would make it a little easier to find the drivers to download to the PC, so we the users can connect the Galaxy to our PC's and sink or do whatever we would like to do since that's what the phones where bought for !

After hunting the Sprint sight for 3 days, and installing 4 different types of drivers , I finally can connect my cell to my PC! which is good news ! the bad news is. I don't have a clue as to which drivers worked and we have 2 more cells and computers to connect.

I Hope to get a page with proper working drivers to connect the cells, to Vista.

Sincerely, a Disgruntled Customer


Samsung Epic 4 G - Drivers for PC

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