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Samsung Epic 46 Discharge When Plugged-in???


Samsung Epic 46 Discharge When Plugged-in???

So far, my Samsung Epic 46 phone is practically useless.

It appears to discharge EVEN while plugged into the charger if being used for TV or GPS travel.

I CANNOT unplug my phone after such use and carry it as a phone!  Instead I have to charge it for an hour or so!

Is this normal or is my phone defective?

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Samsung Epic 46 Discharge When Plugged-in???

I am moving your post to the Epic forums, there may be additional discussion about this topic.  Please fell free to search or post on active threads to get your problem resolved.

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Samsung Epic 46 Discharge When Plugged-in???

Is it possible you have something running in the background that drains your battery?

Are you on 2.1 or 2.2?


Samsung Epic 46 Discharge When Plugged-in???

What applications have you installed?  What is the following screen telling you:

Settings > About Phone > Battery Use 

Also - do you have the phone set to keep the screen on when it is plugged in?  That will use considerably more power.

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Samsung Epic 46 Discharge When Plugged-in???

The Epic does use a *lot* of power.  I have seen this happen before, using Navigation with the 4G radio turned on.  Even plugged in the battery slowly drained.  You may want to see what else you have running, how often you have your apps check for updates, and turn off any radios (4G, Bluetooth, etc) that you aren't currently using.

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Samsung Epic 46 Discharge When Plugged-in???

The battery discharging while plugged in isn't so much about the phone having an issue as it is your charger not pumping enough juice. The wall charger the phone comes with will charge at 700mAh. Sprint's car chargers are 850mAh. A standard USB plug on your computer will do 500mAh. The phone may pull more than that amount, so it will discharge even when plugged in.

Every charger has a maximum output rating written on it. For instance, a cahrger I have laying around here from a Blackberry says "OUTPUT: 5V --- 700mA" so this charger will only charge 500mA in an hour period, that is all it is capable of. By contract, this HTC EVO charger is a 1A (1000mA) charger.

If the phone is pulling more power than the charger is capable of producing the battery will drain.


Samsung Epic 46 Discharge When Plugged-in???

I have now resolved my problem.

The local Sprint center showed me that I had too many wireless service on. . .  once I knew to be very careful to keep my wireless service to a minimum, I no longer discharge while plugged in. . . .  Never did find-out why all the wireless services:  Bluetooth, 4G, Airplane, etc.

I have learned to live with the phone by keeping it plugged-in at every opportunity. . .   a bit disappointed, but I'm OK with it finally.  All the functions are great!

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