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Samsung Epic 4G + Gingerbread.EL30 + Microsoft Exchange Online = I found the fix


Samsung Epic 4G + Gingerbread.EL30 + Microsoft Exchange Online = I found the fix

After unbricking my phone from the "reject with text message >5" bug, which was interesting in the fact that I've never used that feature, let alone added additional messages to exceed the default number of five, I discovered a new bug involving Gingerbread.EL30 and Microsoft Exchange Online.

We recently moved our email hosting to the cloud, and prior to Samsung's update from Gingerbread.EL22 to Gingerbread.EL30, things were working smoothly.

After Gingerbread.EL30 my corporate email account was broken and my attempt to remove and re-add the account was 50% successful, meaning I removed it and was unable to add it back.

Having set up all the other phones in my office, to include iPhone's, HTC's and Motorola's, I knew what information needed to be input and it worked beautifully, except when it came to my own beloved Samsung Epic 4G.

I went to the local Sprint Repair Center and told them that the latest update had broken my phone and corporate email accounts. I explained that I had found the fix for re-enabling my phone to receive calls, log calls and retrieve voice messages, but that my corporate email account was still inoperable.

Sprint suggested I get help from my company's IT person, at which point I explained that I was the IT person, that I had successfully added accounts on multiple os platforms and handset manufacturers, after which I settled in for what became a two week back and forth with various customer reps.

By the end I had talked with Sprint, Samsung and Microsoft at great lengths, but no one was able to offer a fix. Sprint was always helpful, but they were the middleman in a problem that boiled down to the two giants, Samsung and Microsoft, being unable or unwilling to communicate.

The user account information must be input in a very precise way, which I stumbled upon somewhere around the 60th attempt to fit a square peg in a round hole.

Because this is such a niche problem and because the fix is so convoluted I will not go through all the necessary steps unless someone posts in this thread looking for help.

I am submitting my findings to Sprint so they can publish a white paper on the problem, but in the meantime I will be monitoring this thread to answer anyone that might be suffering from the same issue.

If you do run across this thread and need the magic formula, please know that you will need to have administrative access to your workstation and administrative access to your Exchange Online account. I will not require you to communicate any of that information to me, but you will need it to properly setup your phone.

Here's hoping I am an anomoly and that no one else is having the same problem, but if you are, just respond to this thread and I'll help get you fixed.



Re: Samsung Epic 4G + Gingerbread.EL30 + Microsoft Exchange Online = I found the fix

You are my answer to prayer!  I have been doing all things possible to resolve the migration issue with no luck!  I actually believed I was going to be forced to purchase a new phone.  Please post the steps to resolve.... thank you!


Re: Samsung Epic 4G + Gingerbread.EL30 + Microsoft Exchange Online = I found the fix

Hey there.

My apologies for the delay, but I've been out sick, we've changed carriers since my post and I had to go dig up my old phone to review the settings.

But enough about me, lets get you fixed up.

1. Add an account - Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync

2. Email address - (do not use the alias

3. Password - enter the Exchange Online user password

4. This part of the setup process has fields for Email address, Domain, User name, Password, etc., but we are scrolling to the bottom and choosing 'Manual setup' because the autodiscover process is what is borked

5. Domain\user name - Leave out the domain, but include the backward slash and the user email address ( \ )

6. Password field should be filled correctly from previous input

7. Exchange server - This is where you're going to probably need administrative privileges to pull up the Exchange Online server information from your workstation. It should resemble something like this:, or a similar server name

8. Check options for 'Use secure connection' and 'Accept all SSL certificates' and hit next

9. You should be prompted for and accept the 'Remote security administration' request from Exchange Online servers

10. Set account options and hit next

11. Name your account and hit 'Done'

12. Enjoy your smart phone once again receiving corporate email.

Let me know if you have any problems.

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