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Samsung Epic 4G Text Message Restore Issue


Samsung Epic 4G Text Message Restore Issue

Yesterday I updated my Epic to Android 2.2 Froyo OTA, I ended up having to wipe my phone to get it to work properly again. But now it is working fine, the update is cool, that's not where my issue is. Before I updated, I thought I might want to back up my text messages so I could restore them (I remember having to do this when I updated my HTC Hero from 2.0 to 2.1)

So I got the same app I got when I did that, SMS Backup and Restore. It's worked multiple times for me already, from when I updated my Hero and had to wipe it, and when I upgraded from a Hero to my Epic. No issues either time.

Anyway, when I attempted to restore them again to my Epic running 2.2, it crashes my text messaging app once the texts are back in, (it crashes both the stock Samsung one AND Handcent SMS), and then renders the phone unusable until I wipe it again. I had to wipe my phone about 4-5 times yesterday every time I tried restoring my texts.

For the sake of clarity, I'll go over what the phone was doing after I restored my messages. Once I restored them, it would give me the report of how it went, told me the restore was successful for all but one of the messages (I was importing roughly 15,000) and the phone would work fine until I tried to open a messaging app. Once I opened the messaging app, the touchscreen and bottom buttons would become unresponsive, the screen would go blank, and the side button would stop working for about 2 minutes. After roughly two minutes, the touchscreen would turn itself on, and the phone would start doing random vibrations and making the "low battery" sound. I had no control of the phone at this point, so I would remove the battery and wipe it, and attempt it again.

Before the restore each time, I went through both of my messaging app and was sure to uncheck any "auto-delete" features that were present, as I have some messaging threads that are well past 1,000 messages in them. I just don't want to lose all of my messages. If anyone could help me out, it would be much appreciated.

Thank You.


Samsung Epic 4G Text Message Restore Issue

You are a very knowledgeable user and did everything right so I really apologize  for this speed bump - or maybe it is a brick wall.  I used the same app for my wife's device and it worked perfectly.  I suspect it is the size/number of involved messages.  Your next step needs to be contacting the developer and see if they are having any other reports of this happening.   I went to the developer's site and this link may help you.


Hope this helps,


Sprint Advanced Tech Support

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