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Samsung Epic 4G keeps deleting email accounts

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Re: Samsung Epic 4G keeps deleting email accounts

Deletion of my 3 e-mail accounts continues to happen.  Just spoke with Sprint (again!) and they "show no report of this issue" -- this despite Sprint telling me in October it was a known issue with THEIR software, and they planned to have it corrected by the end of November.  The update I recieved in early December was "it's a day-by-day thing"...  Thought the problem had been fixed--until this morning.



Re: Samsung Epic 4G keeps deleting email accounts

This problem still continues with my phone as of today 2/9/11.

Has this thread been stopped?

Can you advise what action(s) may be scheduled to correct?

This is impacting my corporate Outlook, Gmail, and Yahoo e-mail accounts (they all disappear at the same time).

I have also experienced e-mails with subject/sender from Outlook, but e-mail body from old Gmail (less common--only twice since Oct).

My e-mail accounts disappear at LEAST monthly.  My big complaint in coping with this is that the phone must be factory reset to re-establish my Gmail (of course, major complaint is why this problem has continued for so long).

I would appreciate any update on this issue.


Neil Crump


Re: Samsung Epic 4G keeps deleting email accounts

i just started having this same issue with my epic as well.  i have an exchage account and a gmail account that got deleted for the second time in a couple days now, very annoying.  any updates on a solution?????


Re: Samsung Epic 4G keeps deleting email accounts

Nope, sometimes email works and sometimes it doesn't. The real frustration is when it doesn't transmit your email. As far as I know, Sprint isn't planning on doing anything. I am either going to the iPhone or will switch to another phone that supports Android 2.2 or up. So far, this phone is junk and Sprint knows it.


Re: Samsung Epic 4G keeps deleting email accounts

Just wanted to say that I started this thread very soon after buying Samsung Epic 4G on release day.

No successful long-term solution was ever provided by Sprint.

Also, I agree account deletions were highly annoying, but not sending mail from outbox put me over the top.

My solutions: 

1) Touchdown by Nitrodesk for Corporate Email (EAS). About $20 in Android Market

2) Gmail Android app for personal Gmail.  Pre-installed or free in Android Market

I wanted to state this since the phone is otherwise highly impressive.

My biggest surprise is the quality of the photos & videos it captures, plus the ease to upload them to photo-sharing websites.  Don't believe me, try snapping photos yourself on next trip and show your family/friends... just remember to tap people's faces to focus before snapping shot.  It's a safe bet everyone will be impressed all around.

Since I've started using my Samsung Epic 4G:

1) I've stopped using my Cannon PowerShot DigiElph.  I'd say viewing gallery & photo richness/depth/quality are actually better on the Epic.

2) Wifi mode, even while Airplane mode is turned on is a true blessing.  If you travel internationally, become best friends with this mode to avoid high data roaming charges.  The Epic finds Wifi signals with no difficulty.


- Sprint could do much more to provide functional Native software or simply pre-install touchdown on Phone

- Samsung Epic 4G hardware impressive next generation 4G phone (recall it released Aug 2010)

Hope this helps!


Re: Samsung Epic 4G keeps deleting email accounts

At this point I am pretty disgusted with this whole e-mail mess.  I live on my phone.  I depend on my Calendar, Contacts, and E-mail, all of which are pulled from my corporate servers.  I am sick and tired of needing to re-enter my e-mail configuration in order to use the phone the way it was intend, as a smart phone that allows mobile productivity.  The numerous times that: I have not been able to place a call to a contact because the e-mail configuration got lost, or that I was unable to schedule an appointment because the e-mail configuration got lost, or the countless times that I had to re-enter my e-mail configuration so I could send an e-mail is ridiculous.  If I provided the same kind of unreliable service to my customers, I would not have customers.  I can understand a need to be patient for a fix but this is completely absurd.  I have called tech support, followed the forums, been to Sprint stores, called the corporate offices and nothing is being done.  I have to corner them to get them to even admit that there is an issue.  No fix, and apparently not even an effort to find a fix.  We waste our time on this stupid forum, begging for answers, ranting for attention, and simply demanding to get the type of solution we originally paid (and continue to pay with our monthly service) for.  I would be interested in seeing if there is a class action suit for purchasers of this phone that continue to pay for a solution that they are not receiving.  Sprint has let everyone of us down.  Yes the phone is nice, it has a lot of potential, but I didn’t pay for 80% reliable.. I paid for something that would be a tool that allowed me to work when I wasn’t sitting at a desk.  Sprint should, but apparent won't  fix this problem, it is easily replicated and is not some obscure and infrequently used portion of the Epic platform.  We are captive customers, and Sprint is treating us like guaranteed revenue streams instead of customers that they care about.

So my response to Sprint is that the 43 sprint customers in my corporate organization that I purchase phones for and the 65 total accounts (air cards, mifi and cell phones) are being moved to Verizon. I will be taking a little satisfaction knowing that I will be eliminating $3,275/month from the “guaranteed revenue stream” of this company that doesn’t give a flip about taking care of its customers. This nearly $40K is a drop in the bucket, but it’s my drop and I choose where it lands. Add to that the number of IT peers that I know, will al receive constant negative feedback and recommendation to NOT do business with Sprint. This will be my personal recommendation to friends, families and other people that ask me for telecommunications advice.

Sprint, it is your business. It is your prerogative to treat customers any way you desire. YOU can reap the benefit of your efforts, or you can continue ignoring the pleas of the people that can choose who they give their money and loyalty too. I doubt you will go away, but I would think that a company would take some pride in their reputation and at least attempt to keep it's customers happy.

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Re: Samsung Epic 4G keeps deleting email accounts

I also bought my Epic in September, but the problems started in January -- dropping my corporate account, and when I reinstated the account, sometimes it would link new e-mail headers with old e-mails... all for no apparent reason.  A hard reset got it working again -- for a couple days.  The Sprint store informed me that to fix this defect they would charge at least $35 (assuming they could fix it), since I had removed from my account the extortionary insurance policy (that they initially signed me up for without asking for my consent).  So paying $20 for the Touchdown app was a no-brainer.  Now, I'm actually much happier and not only have e-mail back, but it's faster, better organized, and I have access again to all my notes and tasks.  If you're stuck with your contract, I recommend to anyone not to waste time with Sprint and just get Touchdown.  You'll start liking your phone again.

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