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Samsung Epic 4G


Samsung Epic 4G

I am not happy that I purchased this phone in September with a promise of the 2.2 update by the end of October. It is now the middle of March and there is still no working update. I would really like to know what Sprint is planning on doing to keep the Epic users happy, since I have to now delete apps if I want t download a new one. The one only has 1gb of internal space, which is now full and has been for a while. and even though I delete programs I am still unable to download many programs due to "lack of space" which annoys me since I have a 16gb card that is pretty much going to waste since I cannot download any apps onto it.


Samsung Epic 4G

i just saw on android central the redone froyo is rolling starting monday the 21st. i am one of the people who did it manually from the samsung website. if anyone can tell me if i will also get this upgrade or if i have to do a reset?


Re: Samsung Epic 4G

The update is starting today.  I share your frustration and was basically given the same info by the sales people.  It is a pretty shoddy practice to lie to customers IMO

Hopefully though all of our expectations will be met.

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